Updated 02:45 AM EST, Fri, Jan 28, 2022

'Deflategate' NFL Scandal News Update: What Happens to Tom Brady Now?

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For his role in the National Football League "deflategate" scandal, the four-game suspension of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was upheld by the league on Tuesday.

According to Fox News, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell issued a statement on their decision.

Goodell said that the quarterback even ordered an assistant to destroy his phone on March 6, the day he met with investigators of the incident.

"He did so even though he was aware that the investigators had requested access to text messages and other electronic information that had been stored on that phone," Goodell said.

He also said that during the four months that Brady used the cell phone, he sent more than 10,000 text messages. None of those can be retrieved now.

USA Today reported that the NFL commissioner also found that Brady used three cellular phones from the spring of 2014 to April 8 this year, and that the only one inaccessible was the one he used prior to the scandal.

In defense, Brady's agent Don Yee, said that they gave Goodell "an unprecedented amount of electronic data" for the investigation.

"I do not think that any private citizen would have agreed to provide anyone with the amount of information that Tom was willing to reveal to the Commissioner. Tom was completely transparent," he told USA Today.

But the NFL maintained that there was a clear effort from the quarterback to cover the tracks of his participation in the scandal.

"Rather than simply failing to cooperate, Mr. Brady made a deliberate effort to ensure that investigators would never have access to information that he had been asked to produce," Goodell explained.

"Put differently, there was an affirmative effort by Mr. Brady to conceal potentially relevant evidence and to undermine the investigation."

Yee slammed the decision. CNN reported that he said the quarterback should not be accountable for anything.

"The appeal process was a sham, resulting in the commissioner rubber-stamping his own decision," Yee added.

Meanwhile, the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) expressed its intent to file an appeal in federal court in behalf of Brady.

CNN also reported that the league's offer to drop Brady's suspension were "false."

"The negotiations never got that far," said NFLPA spokesperson George Atallah.

He also said that their initial offer to the league was the elimination of the suspension in exchange for a fee, but explained that the league did not want to discuss anything "unless Brady admitted his guilt."

NFL earlier issued a report on the deflation of footballs for A.F.C championship game. The report revealed that Brady was aware of the under inflated balls during their game against the Indianapolis Colts.

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