Updated 05:00 PM EST, Thu, Dec 02, 2021

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Packing Samsung Under the Hood? Release Date Tipped! Price, Specs & Features [Rumors]

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Latest reports say the Microsoft will be unveiling its next generation laptop-tablet hybrid, the Surface Pro 4, in October with Samsung parts under its hood.

Speculations about the release date and specs of the Microsoft's latest laptop-tablet hybrid continue to surface while the company maintains its silence.

According to the DigiTimes, the new 2-in-1 device from the Windows-maker would feature similar bezel size, ultra-thin form factor, and large display as its predecessor.

It is also rumored to be powered by the new Intel Skylake processor matched with the Windows 10.

IT Pro revealed that the laptop-tablet hybrid would also boast a 16GB RAM, twice bigger than the Surface Pro 3's 8GB, and storage of as huge as 1 terabyte.

More rumors indicate the incorporation of Broadwell chips as a replacement of the Haswell dual core i5 and i7 processors to give the Surface Pro 4 30 percent longer battery life than that of the previous versions.

It is also expected to be quieter and slimmer than its older sisters since it would not be needing fans to cool down.

IT Pro also said that this hybrid device would be made available in a "mini" 4-inch version speculated to run on the light Intel Atom 64-bit chip or a Core M processor.

Of course, the 12-inch version would still be retained to keep the "Pro" factor in the device as well as the well-loved 2160 x 1440 resolution display that allows enhanced viewing capacity.

Meanwhile, the DigiTimes revealed that the Surface Pro 4 would have Samsung parts under its hood after Microsoft placed a huge bulk order Samsung Electronics' 256GB solid state drive (SSD) recently.

Though it was originally set for release before the end of July, Master Herald cited rumors that the Korean company is not able to accommodate such bulk orders of the SSD, resulting to the delay of the new Surface Pro's release as far back as next year.

Now, latest speculations cited by the DigiTimes revealed that the next generation tablet from Microsoft will be seeing the light of day this October since, Samsung can already supply the component without a hitch.

Curiously, Apple's iPad launch, including the rumored iPad Pro, is set during the same period. Master Herald speculates that Microsoft intended this to happen considering that the Surface Pro 4 is now being dubbed as a major competitor for Apple's first jumbo-sized iPad.

If so, the iPhone-maker may be in trouble. Many are predicting the Surface Pro 4 to become the biggest hit Microsoft would ever have since the Windows 8.1 farce.

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