Updated 09:44 PM EST, Mon, Nov 30, 2020

Cristiano Ronaldo Heading to Manchester United? Angel Di Maria Sale Fund Ready to Use [Reports]

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Soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo could be heading back to Manchester United after the team reportedly expressed its intent to use the money they got from the sale of Angel Di Maria to make a deal with Real Madrid for Ronaldo.

"United have been looking into a possible deal to re-sign Ronaldo from Real Madrid, amid talk that the player is unhappy at the Spanish club," mentioned Metro.

It added that United have all the intention to "blow out of the water" Paris Saint German which also reportedly also wanted to get Ronaldo.

According to Express, United manager Louis Van Gaal said that the team is really looking forward to sign a "superstar."

He added that they want to bring Ronaldo to Old Trafford, though he said financial reasons could hinder that move.

"He may come. Yes, of course, the fans would love it and so would I. But it's not possible. Why not? Because you have his club Real Madrid, you have Ronaldo and then you have Manchester United - and how much Manchester United want to spend," Van Gaal explained.

He also added that aside from Ronaldo, they are still searching for other notable players to be part of their team.

"When it is possible to buy players from that level at a reasonable price then we shall do that because they can contribute and make us better. We are looking for much more creativity," he said.

The manager also told the BBC that Ronaldo is the player their team needs to go against their rivals.

"I can imagine that. He is a fantastic player, I like him," Van Gaal said.

He added that fans would want Ronaldo to carry United to compete with other teams like Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona.

"(Ashley) Young and (Juan) Mata had fantastic seasons (last year), with assists and goals, but to win the Champions League you need speed also. That is why I think, maybe, we still have to buy a player with speed and creativity," Van Gaal furthered.

The Manchester United manager, meanwhile, also noted that he may soon leave Manchester after his three-year contract to fulfill a promise he made to his wife.

"I promised that to my wife. We have not many years together any more. That is the reason. I have done everything in my career as a manager," he explained in the BBC report.

He also could not answer questions about extending his stay since he explained that this will make his wife "very mad."

"I have to admit I have said to her, when I met her and our relationship seemed to be very good, that at 55 years I shall quit. I am still working and next week I am 64. The only wish was the Premier League. Now I am here. So. I have to go to Qatar to earn still more money? I don't think so. You have to enjoy also your life and your relationship with your wife," Van Gaal added.

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