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'X-Men: Apocalypse' Trailer & Cast: Set Photo Teasers Out! Plot Spoilers, Release Date & More

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Director Bryan Singer shared teasing photos taken during the filming of the much-awaited "X-Men: Apocalypse" due in theaters in 2016.

Just last week, Singer revealed via Instagram that Josh Helman would be reprising his role as William Stryker, the character responsible for Wolverine's adamantium claws.

"Happy to welcome back Josh Helman, who happens to be shooting with fellow Aussie Rose Byrne today," he wrote on Thursday.

Since his teases to X-Men fans seem to be working, Singer did it yet again with another Instagram post showing him walking along what seems to be a ruined community in Cairo.

The photo's caption, "Tip toeing through ruined #Cairo #1983 #xmen #apocalypse," confirmed that the image was taken in one of the sets of the upcoming Marvel film.

What is more interesting about the picture is that it has been interpreted by outlets like Screen Crush as Singer's way of spoiling some parts of the movie's plot.

During the San Diego Comic-Con panel, Oscar Isaac, who plays the titular villain, described Magneto, Psylocke, Angel/Archangel and Storm as his "followers."

Based on the website's analysis, Cairo is the place where Storm, played by Alexandra Shipp in the upcoming sequel, hails from.

Formerly known as Ororo Munroe before she was discovered, the young female mutant was raised in the Egyptian capital.

According to an analysis of the comic series from Watch Mojo, the titular villain of the film also comes around that part of the world, making a connection as to how Apocalypse was able to get one of Charles Xavier's Mutant Academy's most respectable professors as part of the "destroy the world" team.

Meanwhile, Hollywood Reporter noted the year 1983 included in Singer's hash tags, saying that it is a "misnomer" and should not be considered as an exact comic book detail.

"'X-Men: Apocalypse' takes place in the 1980s, making that a contemporary reference, rather than a historic one," the report read.

The outlet further analyzed Singer's post as something that may take a turn towards the unexpected, with the addition of another important character from the X-Men mythology.

"While it's likely that Oscar Isaac's Apocalypse is the villain responsible for the rubble Singer is walking through in the picture, what are the possibilities that the director could visit Cairo and not drop in a tease of the Shadow King for a future movie?" the report added, referring to the comic book tale of a telepath equally powerful as Professor X but takes the evil side of the story.

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