Updated 05:47 AM EST, Sun, Dec 05, 2021

Microsoft Bringing "Beloved Franchise" to Windows 8 PC, but Which IP Will it Be?

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Microsoft is hinting that they will be bringing one of their video game franchises to Windows 8, but is remaining vague over which game will be ported to the PC.

The company recently put up a job posting where they are looking for a senior engineer to oversee the project, but the posting did not say what franchise the company is bringing to the PC:

"Microsoft Game Studios is looking for a senior engineer with services development experience to join our team and help us build a new title based on a beloved franchise for Windows 8. The small and highly agile Redmond-based team is focused on building a robust and highly scalable cloud service that is central to the game experience. You will contribute as the technical leader for the service development team, and as the primary technical liaison with both internal and external development partners. This role is a rare opportunity to ship world-class service software in a fun-focused game development environment."

Microsoft has used their Azure cloud service on a variety of different Xbox One games such as Forza Motorsport 5, so there are many different franchises Microsoft may be planning to bring to the PC. With the focus on cloud streaming experience in the job posting, Microsoft may be using this game as a barometer to see how successful cloud streaming games can be for both PC and the Xbox One.

One possible candidate for the unknown franchise could be an entry into the Halo series. The series is by far the most popular IP Microsoft has created, and the series has appeared on the PC before. In addition, it was reported that Microsoft held a demo of Halo 4 being streamed through Azure, so that could indicate that the game could already be in the works for PC. However, Halo 4 was being streamed to the Xbox One and not PC, which may argue against the game being the one being chosen to come to Windows 8.
This news represents Microsoft's renewed push towards PC Gaming after successfully launching the Xbox One. With many PC users getting their games from digital distribution services such as Steam by Valve, it is smart of Microsoft to try and get on the ground level for cloud streaming games. Look out for more news on what game Microsoft is bringing to the PC and Windows 8 through cloud streaming as the project gets off the ground.

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