Updated 12:39 PM EDT, Wed, Sep 22, 2021

Richard Jefferson to Sign 1-Year Deal With Cleveland Cavaliers [Report]

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A source from the Associated Press revealed that small forward Richard Jefferson will reportedly sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers, ditching earlier plans of inking a deal with the Dallas Mavericks.

CBS Sports said the Cavaliers wanted to add Jefferson to their roster "to fill up their bench." The deal will reportedly be a minimum of one year.

ABC News also reported that the 35-year-old veteran is worth around $1.5 million as he averaged 5.8 points and 2.5 rebounds in 17 minutes per game during his one season with the Mavs.

According to an ESPN report, acquiring the small forward will add wing depth to the Cavs, which is still trying to acquire JR Smith after opting to become a free agent earlier this month.

The player's expected return to Dallas was earlier considered to be good news to the team, especially since it failed to acquire free agent DeAndre Jordan who decided to stay with the Los Angeles Clippers at the last minute.

"But Jefferson's free agency has since played out in a similar fashion to Jordan's, with a U-turn on his intention to sign with Dallas to return to the Eastern Conference with the title-chasing Cavs," added ESPN.

Asked for comment, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban told ESPN that he spoke with Jefferson about his change of plans.

"He called and talked to me. RJ said he had an opportunity with an Eastern Conference team," Cuban said. "He said he would honor what he [originally agreed to with the Mavs] but thought the other was a better fit."

"I told him I was OK with it and understood."

Cuban added that he holds no hard feelings towards Jefferson.

This was unlike the situation with Jordan, whom Cuban has not yet talked to since the player decided to ditch a possible four-year contract with the team in exchange for staying with the Clippers.

Dallas News said Jefferson's decision will not really "cripple" the Mavs, unlike what Jordan did.

"He was slotted to be no higher than the ninth man on the roster, although he did help the Mavericks win numerous games last season," explained the same report.

When he becomes part of the Cavs, ABC News said Jefferson will fill the spot left vacant by Shawn Marion's retirement. This could also be the perfect spot for him, as he has also appeared in more than 100 postseason games just like Marion.

Prior to being part of the Mavs, the small forward has played for New Jersey, San Antonio, Milwaukee, Utah and Golden State.

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