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Android M 6.0 Release Date, Features & Download: Nexus 9, Nexus 5 & Nexus 6 Developer Preview 2 OTAs Here

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The over-the-air update for Google's Android M Developer Preview 2 is now available in Nexus devices.

Google announced the news last week, and is available on Nexus 5, Nexus 6, and Nexus 9 handsets, Android Police reported. Listed below are the download links containing OTA zips for Nexus devices.

Here are some of the features and bug fixes incorporated in the updated version of Android M. Following initial plans, the final release of the OS will roll out sometime this fall, GSM Arena wrote.

Snooze Button

The original Android M Developer Preview that rolled out in May featured a new version of the Clock App, which allowed users to manually choose a day of the week to begin with. According to a separate report from Android Police, some users of the app "reported that sliding to the 'snooze' function on the alarm would make the app delay the chime for 24 hours instead of 10 minutes (by default)."

The issue is said to be resolved in the second version of the Android M Developer Preview, the news outlet noted.

Fixed App Drawer

Ars Technica took note of the fixed app drawer, which still has the search bar at the top of the screen and the top row of apps displaying the "predictive apps" bar. The new home screen can now support auto rotate as well.

System UI Tuner

The UI Tuner was also expanded with status bar options, which includes the percentage readout in the battery's status bar, Ars Technica noted. Users can opt to hide signal bars and alarm clock icons as well.

Other Features

The new version of Android M also has a "demo mode" popping up fake status bars to visualize more personable screenshots, the news outlet added. In addition, the official developer release notes feature new permission types with their protection level improved, although it should be noted that the tweaks aren't that major.

Another Android M version is scheduled to come out in late July. Ars Technica assured users that more features will be available when the update rolls out.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Not Getting Android M Update?

The chances of Samsung Galaxy S4 users getting an Android M update are slim, according to Android Origin.

The Galaxy S4 was released in April of 2013, making it 3 months past of its 2-year support cycle. The Android M 6.0 update isn't going to roll out until late in the third quarter of 2015, so this means that "it will be even older by the time Samsung can get around to working on the update," the news outlet pointed out.

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