Updated 04:03 PM EDT, Sat, Sep 18, 2021

Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban Slams ESPN Reporter on Twitter After DeAndre Jordan Debacle

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When DeAndre Jordan was kept by the Los Angeles Clippers inside his own home to get him to sign again with the team, Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban, reportedly drove around Houston while he sent texts to various people asking for Jordan's address.

In a tweet, ESPN sportswriter Chris Broussard shared that the Mavs owner panicked the night they were supposed to sign Jordan and texted a lot of people to inquire about the player's address.

According to Mashable, Cuban got really pissed with Broussard prompting him to respond to his tweets. Cuban responded on Twitter, noting that the reporter only made the story up.

Broussard reportedly stood by what his sources said, but Cuban was not finished. He posted a series of tweets showing how irked he was with the situation.

It was noted in the Fox Sports report that Broussard has not yet responded to Cuban's tweet and it is likely that he will not reveal his sources for $100,000.

This fiasco started when Jordan was supposed to go head to Dallas after becoming a free agent, but he suddenly had a change of heart when Clippers executives and some star players went to his house Thursday to convince him to re-sign with the team.

Yahoo Sports noted that the player's maximum contract is $87.6 million contract for four years with a player option after his third season. His new agreement with the team is also said to include "a 15 percent trade kicker."

This was a sudden change of mind from Jordan, who was earlier expected to sign a four-year $80-million deal with the Mavericks.

According to Sports Illustrated, Clippers power forward Blake Griffin tweeted a photo of what appeared to be Jordan's chair up against a door during the team executives' meeting with him on Wednesday night.

Griffin was said to be accompanied by teammates Chris Paul, Paul Pierce and J.J. Reddick when they went to Jordan's home to make a last effort in convincing him to stay with the team.

For their part, Cuban and recruiter Chandler Parsons reportedly arrived on Wednesday in Houston together with Jordan's primary agents from Relativity Sports, Dan Fegan and Jarrin Akana, to sign him with the Mavs, but even the agents were excluded from the late-night meeting of their client with the Clippers.

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