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'Frozen 2' Release Date & Trailer: The Most Shocking Plot Theory Yet [Rumors]

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In March, Disney confirmed that a sequel to the 2013 hit animation, "Frozen" is really happening, but while fans are waiting for that day to come, Master Herald noted that the Broadway version is going to stoke the fire. After all, a 2018 release date for "Frozen 2" may be a bit too long for the young fans to wait.

However, the website noted that Disney hasn't released any specific details regarding the musical, but if rumors are to be believed, it should be live on stage by 2016 or 2017, and will be a great avenue to remind people that more of their favorite characters from Arendelle will be gracing the big screen once again.

As for "Frozen 2," theories from fans have been going around online regarding the story, and while there is always room for the strange and the weird, sometimes, fan theories are way out there, you'd wonder where someone could possibly have gotten their ideas from.

Some of the more shocking theories involve Elsa and Olaf, with a relationship arc between Anna and Kristoff (believed to be the road to their wedding) added to the mix.

Let's get back to Elsa and Olaf: As it turned out, fans are pushing for an Elsa and Olaf storyline, specifically, that a modified/human version of the summer-loving snowman will be Elsa's love interest in the next film, according to a report from Venture Capital Post.

Most of the characters from the first film will be reprising their roles for "Frozen 2," including Idina Menzel as Queen Elsa, Josh Gad as Olaf, Kristen Bell as Princess Anna, and Jonathan Groff as Kristoff. There are also rumors of the return on Prince Hans as a changed man for the sequel: the character was voiced by Santino Fontana in the first film.

John Lasseter, chief creative officer of Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios, said in a statement that fans of the franchise will get more information as production nears. "Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck have come up with a great idea for a sequel and you will be hearing a lot more about it and we're taking you back to Arendelle. We are so excited about that," he said. 

While fans await the return of "Frozen" to the big screen, the hype is still strong with the Broadway version expected to hit the stage soon, with merchandise making their own rounds in department stores, and of course, for the older crowd who still believes in fairy tales, a live action version of Elsa and Anna were also seen in ABC's fantasy series, "Once Upon A Time."

Do you have a fan theory of your own to share about "Frozen 2"?

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