Updated 10:01 AM EST, Fri, Feb 26, 2021

Chile Moves on to Copa America Semi-final After Eliminating Uruguay

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Chile came out victorious in a grueling match against Uruguay, sending the hosts to the 44th Copa America semi-final against Peru, as reported by BBC.

The game was scoreless until the 82nd minute, as both teams played lock-down defense with Chile being the more dominant team. Uruguay held on till the last moments of the game until Chile's Mauricio Isla pushed a strong strike from 15 meters.

Juventus defended Isla's goal, sending the nine-man Uruguay team crumbling down, losing the match and getting eliminated from the tournament.

Copa America has been known to be a league of warm-blooded players, always at the peak of their emotions. Players have been rumored to use provocation tactics, and these controversies have tainted the tournament.

During the Chile vs. Uruguay match, stars Edinson Cavani and Jorge Fucile were both ejected from the game. This ejection sparked a confrontation scene in the last minutes. Both players and officials were in heated discussions that stalled the game. Even pedigreed coach Oscar Tabarez came to the field to join the dispute.

The whole scene revolved around the ejection of Cavani, whose hand allegedly flicked Chile defender Gonzalo Jara's face.

However, what viewers of the post-game footage saw was a video of Jara poking Cavani's anus with his finger, prompting the Uruguay star to react.

Both camps have been on full defense pointing fingers who provoked who.

Uruguay, the most successful Copa America national team with 15 cups, has a history of foul controversies, most notably the Luis Suarez foul against Jara in last year's World Cup qualifier. Jara said Suarez grabbed his genitals in the middle of the game. Luis Suarez is still serving his suspension; hence, his absence in this year's Copa America.

Despite the fouls and cards handed out during the game, Chile visibly dominated the match that led to Isla's break-out goal.

According to ESPN FC, CONMEBOL, the South American Football Confederation, will investigate the footages and the violations. It still stands that Chile will face Peru, the winner of the quarter-final against Bolivia.

Chile's hopes of winning their first-ever Copa America is still alive. Their furthest Copa America campaign was killed by the storied Uruguay team 1x0 in the 1987 Copa America in Argentina.

This generation of Chilean players are favorites to win due to their current line-up being touted as Chile's "golden generation," with players that include Valdivia, Arturo Vidal, Alexis Sanchez and Claudio Bravo.

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