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MacBook Air 2016 Set for Early Release Date? Top 5 Specs & Features Upgrades to Expect [Rumors]

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Several reports have claimed that the 2016 MacBook Air is already in the works. However a 15-inch version of the 2015 MacBook Air may not come out before the year ends.

MasterHerald explained that the company only launches one MacBook Air every year based from its history with the first version released in 2013 then was followed by two more releases in the following years.

"The 2015 edition of the MacBook Air are now using Intel's new Broadwell processors and also offered faster flash storage," added the same report.

But with the coming of the new instalment for this Apple laptop, what can users expect? Below are some of the anticipated features of the 2016 MacBook Air, which will surely delight Mac fans and users:

Use Core M-based Skylake processors

According to MasterHerald, these processors will make the MacBook perform better, improving its power compared to the currently used Broadwell-based Core M processors. This new set of processors is expected to be launched later this year or by the beginning of 2016.

"The 28-watt mobile Skylake chips generally share the same silicon as the 15-watt chips with higher-end graphics configurations," added The Motley Fool.

Wireless Charging

With the upcoming introduction of Skylake processors, VC Post said that it will open the possibility for the 2016 MacBook Air to have wireless charging.

MacRumors noted that Apple has already explored wireless charging based from the company's previous patents though it did not really push through to incorporate the feature. "Apple was rumored to be experimenting with wireless charging capabilities for the Apple Watch, but went with a MagSafe-style option instead," added the report.

Retina display

MacWorld said many are hoping that the upcoming MacBook air will have a retina display just like in the Pro models.

In explaining the retina display feature, Apple said it greatly improves the viewing experience of the users with its incredible detail.

"It reduces glare while maintaining incredible color and quality. Its high contrast ratio results in blacker blacks and whiter whites. And everything in between is rich and vibrant. IPS technology gives you a wide, 178-degree view of everything on the screen, so you'll see the difference at practically any angle. And you're going to love what you see," added the description on the Apple website.

Modified design 

Gadget Gestures predicted that the upcoming MacBook Air will have a minimalist appearance with some tweaks in the design.

USB-C Port

The 2016 MacBook Air is also rumored to have the USB-C port, which, according to PCMag, looks like a micro USB connector but is slightly thicker. It has the Lightning and MagSafe feature.

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