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Naya Rivera Talks Pregnancy Sex: 'Devious Maids' Star & Hubby Ryan Dorsey Limited to 2 Positions!

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Naya Rivera revealed how difficult it is to have sex with her husband Ryan Dorsey now that she's pregnant.

The "Devious Maids" actress, who announced her first pregnancy last February, opened up on her woes as a mother-to-be in a blog published on PEOPLE.

Now that she is on her second trimester and the "black cloud of extreme fatigue" of the first trimester finally went away, Rivera admitted on PEOPLE that she missed doing normal and fun stuff, such as drinking alcoholic beverages and smoking occasionally. She calls this "the second trimester slump."

"Yes, it was amazing to finally not have to deal with the misery and discomfort most women face in their first trimester," she wrote on the news outlet. "But how awful is it to feel like your old self again, but not be able to participate in any of those fun activities you once took for granted?"

The 28-year-old actress was also candid when it comes to talking about the changes that her sex life went through once she got pregnant.

"Things like sex with my husband became a bit odd for me due to the fact that I was now limited to about two positions in order to not squash - as my husband puts it - 'its roof' or have the baby (my belly) staring him in the face," Rivera explained on PEOPLE. "I feel like men are constantly imagining their baby winking at them when they make love to their pregnant wives thus making sexy times more few and far between."

The former "Glee" star also said that the second trimester is when most women "really pop," adding that the growing belly bump comes with a whole new set of challenges. According to Rivera's blog on PEOPLE, her midsection was large that she needs help to tie a shoe, get up, and adopt "a stop drop and roll technique for getting out of bed."

These difficulties, however, all go away whenever she feels her baby's movements.

"I felt the baby all day, every day and it always made me smile. I will never forget the moment Ryan felt the baby kick for the first time. It truly was one of those precious memories I will have forever," Rivera gushed on PEOPLE.

Rivera and Dorsey, 31, got married in July 2014 in a secret wedding ceremony in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico which was only attended by 12 guests, Daily Mail noted. The pair had been good friends for four years before they started dating each other.

Aside from her acting commitment on "Devious Maids," Rivera also recently announced via her official Twitter page that she is going to release a memoir titled "Sorry Not Sorry: Dreams, Mistakes, and Growing Up." The book will feature "juicy stories" about the actress' life, as well as how she dealt with being a grown up.

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