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'Frozen 2' Ending Already Decided? 2018 Release Date Expected! Cast & Plot Rumors Here

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"Frozen 2" is still a long way ahead, but speculations about the Disney film haven't stopped since news about a sequel was announced. Naturally, it is expected that the follow-up movie will get near -- or hopefully surpass -- the huge success of its predecessor.

According to Master Herald, the pressure to make another blockbuster hit is on for "Frozen 2" co-creators Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee. It is said that Disney will not settle for a less than perfect sequel and is willing to let years drag by if it meant that "Frozen 2" will live up to the hype when it finally gets released.

Citing a recent interview of Buck, Master Herald claimed that an ending for "Frozen 2" is already decided, "and that they are now brainstorming on how to start it right and integrate the pieces and mesh it together to make an amazing another animated movie."

Of course, Buck didn't give out any specific details about how "Frozen 2" will end, but he assured that it will be "terrific," the news outlet further claimed. Buck also added that putting together a follow-up is no easy feat, given that the weight of expectations is huge on him and the producers. The sequel will not debut in theaters until 2018.

At the moment, plot theories about "Frozen 2" are still rampant though everything is unconfirmed and only based on speculations. Ecumenical News wrote that "Frozen 2" will feature the rival of Elsa who possesses the exact opposite of her ice powers. Obviously, the rumored villain will be able to control the fire element.

For "Frozen 2," fans are guessing that a new romance will be under the spotlight, and this time, it's for Elsa, Ecumenical News noted. We also previously reported about the theories suggesting that the first film's main villain, Hans, could return to Arendelle as a redeemed person. With the possibility of a new villain in the kingdom, Hans could be out of the picture as the bad guy and instead help Elsa and her friends to defeat the new threat to Arendelle's peace.

As we reported before, Buck has hinted that the sequel will take a page off the book of another famous story. He was said to be inspired by his visit in Australia and plans to give "Frozen 2" a touch of L. Frank Baum's "Ozma of Oz."

Aside from Buck and Lee, Peter Del Vecho is also developing "Frozen 2" for Walt Disney Animation Studios, Variety reported.

For now, fans will get to enjoy a new "Frozen" attraction at Epcot named "Frozen Ever After," "an adventure fit for the entire family that will take guests through the kingdom of Arendelle," Disney reported. The attraction will debut in 2016 and will feature adventures such as Winter in Summer Celebration, Elsa's Ice Palace, the North Mountain, the Bay of Arendelle, and the Royal Sommerhus, which will contain Norwegian architectural structures wherein guests can meet Elsa and Anna.

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