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Browns Rookie Vince Mayle Looking Like LeBron James? See For Yourself Here!

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Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James could have a doppleganger in the person of Cleveland Browns wide receiver Vince Mayle.

Mayle, according to Yahoo Sports, is getting a lot of attention not because of his talent as a football player but his close resemblance to James. The 6-foot-2 player even admitted that many people have come up to him and asked him if he was Lebron.

"Ever since sixth grade, my nickname has been little LeBron," Mayle said in a Cleveland.com report.

The same report mentioned that when Mayle was on his flight back to Cleveland from Los Angeles after the NFL Rookie Premiere, many people approached him thinking he was James.

"They thought I was LeBron. At one point in my life, I got it every single day," he added.

The comparison, as per Mayle, has gotten stronger since he is now also playing with Cleveland. He also admitted that he looked up to James as an athlete even when he was little.

"When I was in sixth grade, LeBron James was the first athlete I ever got an autograph from. It was at the ESPY's right after he got out of high school. It was the first autograph I ever got, and I'm probably one of the biggest LeBron fans in the world," added the wide receiver.

Asked if he also plays basketball, Mayle told Cleveland.com that he calls his dunk the "LeBron dunk."

"I have that and I do the chase-down block, so I mean, even when I play basketball I get the mini-LeBron because I watched him so much that I picked up his playing style," he noted.

Yahoo Sports said that during Mayle's two-season stay at Washington State, he was able to catch 148 passes for 2,022 yards and 16 touchdowns. He is currently recovering from a broken thumb surgery but he noted that he is already prepared for training camp to make his mark as a rookie.

"Right now it's about mental reps, as many as I can. I'm taking them at multiple spots. The guys that are running are taking one rep during the play. I'm taking them at three different spots in my head," he was quoted saying by Yahoo Sports.

Scout has learned that Mayle's injury could have been the reason why he was dropped as a fourth-round pick instead of getting a higher ranking. Despite this, the player was still very much thankful for the opportunity.

"A humbling experience, it's something that just let me know that there's something wrong with my game, something I need to improve. That's how I feel," the wide receiver said after he was called in the draft.

The NFL player's appearance on the field is now very much anticipated by the fans not only because of his raw talent, but also because he will make people feel that James has moved from basketball to football.

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