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'Jurassic World' Movie Review, Trailer & Cast: $125 Million Debut Expected

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Huge expectations are set for Universal Pictures' "Jurassic World" when the film debuts this weekend.

A projected $125 million unveiling is anticipated for the franchise, but Universal tried to be modest and said that it only expects a $100 million debut, Variety reported. If this all comes to fruition, "Jurassic World" will be the production studio's biggest release ever, with dates scheduled in 66 international locations, including major cities in China, Mexico, the U.K., Brazil, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, South Korea, and Russia.

"We're heading into the same territory where we were with 'Avengers,' where things are getting out of control with the numbers," said Phil Contrino, vice president and chief analyst at BoxOffice.com, as quoted by Variety. "It's not a matter of whether or not people are interested. It's how much they like it. Word-of-mouth will dictate how much it explodes."

"Jurassic World" is the only film opening in the coming weekend, the news outlet pointed out. Its competitors, "Spy" and "San Andreas," opted to avoid the Colin Trevorrow-directed movie. "Inside Out" and "Ted 2" are coming to the blockbuster office as well.

Legendary Pictures co-financed "Jurassic World," which spent $150 million in production. The film's worldwide release means that it could have "$350 million in receipts when Monday dawns," Variety noted. Universal provided the project with lots of buzz and hypes prior to its release. It's undeniable that the movie will have a huge roll-out, but "predicting just how massive is an inexact science," the news outlet explained.

"Jurassic World" stars Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Vincent D'Onofrio, Brian Tee, Ty Simpkins, Nick Robinson, and Irrfan Khan. According to a review from CNET, the movie didn't disappoint when it comes to delivering frightening scenes. Showcasing a mightier and deadlier dinosaur was no problem either, but avid fans of the original franchise might be disappointed at the flick's treatment of the creatures.

"The dinos in 'Jurassic Park' were portrayed as a force of nature, akin to an earthquake or a tsunami -- something to be escaped or survived rather than defeated. 'Jurassic World,' on the other hand, is all-out dinosaur war, with more blood, bullets and all manner of outlandish cross-species brawls," CNET explained.

"Jurassic World" also didn't escape on being labeled as sexist when it comes to the portrayal of Howard's Claire Dearing, the park's operations manager.

The film made nods to its predecessors as well, CNET added. Trevorrow said that the Jurassic World theme park featured in the film is "a massive corporate entity that's creating entertainment for people all around the world," USA Today reported.

The filmmaker added, "They want to make sure these things are as big and bad and exciting as possible, whether they should exist or not."

Some of the dinosaurs featured in the movie are as follows: the winged Pteranodons and Dimorphodons, the underwater dweller Mosasaurus, the Velociraptors, the T-Rex, and of course, the biggest and most dangerous creature of them all - the Indominus Rex, USA Today listed.

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