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'WWE 2K16' PS4 Xbox One PC Release Date: The Latest Roster, Features & Gameplay Trailer Details Here [News & Rumors]

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During the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) on June 16 to 18, the "WWE 2K16" is expected to be shown off with details about the game also anticipated to be revealed.

WrestleZone said the tentative release date of the game on PS4, Xbox One and PC, is October 27, which is almost the same time when "Halo 5" will be available in the market. The same report added that the game is rumored to include a story mode on "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, with Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross reportedly doing vocals for the feature.

In a similar report, SportsKeeda said a leaked video footage showed individuals who appeared to be Lawler and Ross recording a commentary for the new "Stone Cold" Steve Austin mode.

"It is clear that the commentary focuses on a tag team match between Stone Cold & Shawn Michaels and The Legion of Doom which aired in 1997. This confirms the addition of legendary superstars and it is certain that gamers and WWE fans are in for a treat," added SportsKeeda.

"WWE 2K16" is also claimed to be centered on the Attitude Era rivalry of Austin vs. Michaels and is expected to be accompanied by another more modern feud just like the "WWE 2K15." The game is already available for pre-order at Amazon and Gamestop for $59.99.

"We're already working on that. A lot of people ask about my old broadcast partner. They're having in this year's game, a big Stone Cold Steve Austin Attitude Era section and they have me and J.R. back together again in the studio doing voice-overs for that," said Lawler, as per WhatCulture.

Aside from Austin, iDigitalTimes mentioned that a number of WWE stars have already confirmed their participation in the game, including: Sasha Banks, Rosa Mendes and Zack Ryder. These wrestlers noted that they have been scanned and will be part of the 2K Games' roster.

Gospel Herald noted that "WWE 2K16" promises to be a lot better than its predecessor, adding that Ross will likely lend his voice in support of the upcoming game that is also believed to feature "historical matches and content."

The upcoming release is also believed to feature a new body mechanics system, such that players will properly react to stimuli like being struck in different body parts.

"Players can also use a variety of weapons including tables, folding chairs, kendo sticks, ladders and sledge hammers. There may also be a stamina system that determines whether players can complete a move for their favorite wrestler," noted Gospel Herald.

Meanwhile, Product Reviews said that the gameplay of the upcoming instalment could be available on social media as early as June 23.

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