Updated 04:02 PM EST, Thu, Dec 02, 2021

Ronda Rousey Sells Broken Car For Over $20K! UFC Champ Hopes New Owner Doesn’t Masturbate Inside

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UFC female bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey proved to be really good in selling cars after she was able to dispose her old and beaten up Honda Accord for a price four times more than what it should cost.

TMZ explained that Rousey auctioned off her 2005 car with a broken transmission and has recorded 156,000 miles on eBay. The only selling point of the car is Rousey's signed note on the car thanking it for its "loyal service" at the time while she was still starting as an MMA fighter until she entered the UFC and made her way to the top.

The same site noted that the car could only cost around $4,000 to $5,000 but Rousey was able to sell it to the highest bidder for $21,300.

When it became available for auction on eBay, Bloody Elbow has learned that it carried the following description: "Every time you open the door, it's is like an archeological dig! Also, Ronda did glue a few medals, patches, coins, and figurines to the inside of her car which probably aren't going to come off."

The description added that Rousey's mom drove the car to the grocery store or to the 7 Generation Games office once or twice prior to selling it, so the buyer should expect additonal ten miles on it.

"I'll miss the worn in feeling you get from like a favorite pair of jeans or shoes you've had for years that molded to you perfectly," the UFC female fighter said after selling her old car named Fonda.

Uproxx Sports, on the other hand, said the car also has some of Rousey's personal junk under the seats. It was reportedly bought with her Olympic prize money and became part of her ups and downs especially "during the rough patches in life between her judo and mixed martial arts careers."

"You were the best noble steed I could ask for. You never broke down, you hung in there when I couldn't afford to change your oil. I could always depend on you. I love you, enjoy retirement," Rousey said, as per Uproxx Sports.

MMA Fighting added that the investment on the part of buyer, whose identity was not disclosed, is worth it since the car was owned by a famous UFC star.

Interestingly, Rousey has one request to the owner. "I love it very much and hope the next owner will be someone who will love and respect it. And not some crazy super fan who jerks off to it everyday," she was quoted saying by the same source.

The car's new owner could be really delighted to own it even though it needs a lot of work before it can be used again.

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