Updated 04:12 PM EST, Sun, Jan 17, 2021

Facebook Messenger iOS Android Download & Updates: New Feature Connects People Closer

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Facebook has revealed an update to its locating feature that would allow people to send their exact location to their friends via a map through the social media platform's Messenger app.

On Thursday, the social networking giant rolled out the new feature in Facebook's Messenger app, giving its users the option to send a map of their exact location to their friends, Fortune has learned.

The new tweak in the mobile application, which automatically sent the town location of the sender in the past, now gives users the choice to help the receivers of their messages where they are located exactly.

The company's head of Product for Messenger, Stan Chudnovsky, made the big reveal via Facebook's newsroom, where he explained how to use it in three simple steps.

Step 1. Tap on "More" or the icon for location pin.

Step 2. Choose a location you wish to share.

Step 3. Send the map via a separate message.

A map provided by Nokia Here and Apple Maps for Android and iOS users would be sent to the receiver of the private message.

Chudnovsky also explained that users of the Facebook Messenger app are now capable of sending maps of "pinned" locations which is especially useful for meet ups in places where the receiver is unfamiliar with. The user can also use this app when he is running late and wishes to explain to the receiver he would be meeting how far he is from their point of their rendezvous.

"If you want to tell a friend which restaurant to meet you at, search for the restaurant and send a map of where it is. If you're running late, send a map of where you are to your friend to let him or her know how far away you are" Chudnovsky wrote.

Chudnovsky also emphasized that the new update on the feature would provide users full control over when and how the user's location is shared since it is optional and that Facebook only receives the user's location data unless the location services for the app is enabled since there are users claiming some red flags on the application.

"Messenger does not get location information from your device in the background-only each time you select a location and tap Send when you use the Messenger app. We are not requesting any new permissions for your information," Chudnovsky explained.

Meanwhile, Mashable sees great potential in this tweak as it paves the way to easier location finding, particularly when one wishes to hail a taxi via Uber and Lyft.

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