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Oscar de la Renta Angered by Adopted Son’s Own Fashion Line? Child Reportedly Left Little of $26 Million Will

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The late fashion designer Oscar de la Renta nearly snubbed his adopted son in his $26 million will after their fallout 10 years ago.

Moisés de la Renta was adopted by the well-known fashion designer from an orphanage in Dominican Republic after his first wife, Françoise de Langlade, died in 1983, Daily Mail reported. Moisés, 30, reportedly angered his father when he attempted to launch his own fashion line in 2005.

According to Daily Mail, the younger de la Renta was left with a meager sum out of the iconic fashion designer's $26 million estate "and has been warned that if he ever tried to contest the will he would be cut out completely, court documents show."

The majority of the estate was left to de la Renta's second wife, philanthropist and socialite Annette de la Renta, with the rest put in a trust fund split between her three children, Beatrice Phelps, Eliza Bolen, and Charles Reed, Fox News Latino wrote.

Eliza serves as Vice President of Licensing at Oscar de la Renta, LLC, while de la Renta's son-in-law, Alex Bolen, is the Chief Executive Officer, Daily Mail added. Eliza is also appointed as the alternate executor of the will.

Court papers indicate that the will was signed by de la Renta several weeks before his death. He died from cancer on October 20, 2014 at the age of 82, Daily Mail wrote. The real estate portfolio Mrs. de la Renta received includes a $13 million Park Avenue apartment in New York, a $2.8 million house in Kent, Connecticut, and his estate in Dominica.

The late de la Renta reportedly didn't forgive his adopted son's move of building a separate fashion empire. The news outlet noted that Moisés' fashion line, MDLR Black, planned "to bring the de la Renta aura to a younger crowd," but it didn't push through.

"Moisés did a little line, five or six pieces. But that doesn't make him a designer," the older de la Renta told New York magazine back then.

According to the fashion designer's interview with the magazine, he told his son that, "Moises, when I started the business, I became well known because I was making clothes that were bought by a store, and women went to that store and bought those clothes, and then people started to talk about me. Today, unfortunately, you have a lot of young kids who get a tremendous amount of press who haven't sold a single dress."

De la Renta first achieved recognition when he designed clothes for Jackie Kennedy in the early 1960s, prompting him to launch his own fashion line a few years after that, Daily Mail reported. Since then, his clothes graced famous personalities and Hollywood actresses, such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Lawrence, Amal Alamuddin-Clooney, and Oprah Winfrey. He also designed clothes for US First Ladies, including Hillary Clinton, Nancy Reagan, Betty Ford, and Laura Bush.

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