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Enrique Iglesias Tour 2015 News Update: Singer's Fingers Sliced at Concert But is Now Recovering

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Enrique Iglesias graciously finishes his concert in Tijuana, Mexico, even though his fingers were all bloodied, after he sliced them accidentally with a drone on Saturday evening.

Latin crooner Enrique Iglesias is now recovering, says a report from the Associated Press. Iglesias accidentally cut his fingers after grabbing a drone used to capture audience footages during his concert at the Plaza de Toros de Playas in the Mexican town of Tijuana, like what he usually does in his other concerts.

"During the show a drone is used to get crowd shots and some nights Enrique grabs the drone to give the audience a Point of View shot. Something went wrong and he had an accident," a statement from his team stated.

According to The Guardian, the passionate "Hero" singer had decided to continue his concert for 30 minutes more after getting first-aid for his sliced fingers, despite advices from his team to end it right there and then. His white T-shirt was soiled with his own blood during the incident.

The move did not go unnoticed. Photos and videos of the 40-year-old singer were posted by concert-goers all over the internet after the incident took place, with some noting how "badass" the singer had been.

Fans, who were deeply moved by his decision to continue, expressed their appreciation for what he had done through their social media accounts. Some even exclaimed how much they love him.

Keith Elyar (@JayanthoEnrique) expressed his love for the Latin singer especially after he drew a heart on his white T-shirt to show how much he appreciates his fans' support.

"He has Made a "HEART" Using his Blood! We love you soo much @enrique305," he tweeted, putting on hashtags #SexAndLoveTour and #EnriqueIglesias.

"Continued the show after gettin hurt and drew a heart on his top w/ his blood for his fans. Enrique Iglesias everyone!" netizen Dikshi (@DamnYouEnrique) posted on her Twitter account, hinting at the singer's deep love and passion for his craft and his fans.

After the show, which was part of his "Sex and Love World Tour", the singer was rushed to the airport and met by an ambulance. He then immediately travelled by plane to Los Angeles for further treatment by a specialist.

Iglesias' camp confirmed that his tour would continue. Their next stop is set on July in Mexico City.

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