Updated 02:14 PM EST, Tue, Jan 25, 2022

Golden State Guard Klay Thompson Suffers From Concussion After Taking Knee to Head in Game 5

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Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson suffered from a concussion when he got kneed on the side of his head by Houston Rockets' Trevor Ariza during the fourth quarter of the Western Conference finals' Game 5 on Wednesday night.

According to Fox Sports, the 25-year-old shooting guard got injured when he faked a shot and Ariza ended up knocking him on the floor.

He reportedly had stitches on his right ear and he passed the concussion test later on which could have allowed him to go back to the game. And though the team did not let him in, they managed to earn a 104-90 victory.

After the game, the player displayed concussion symptoms and was evaluated by a medical team. He should pass the concussion protocol prior to returning to play again. 

Meanwhile, ESPN has learned that Thompson threw up after the game.

"He threw up a lot late last night but he felt much better afterwards. Hopefully this break in the schedule will be a good break for Klay and the Warriors," Klay's father, Mychal, said.

The father added that he had to drive his son home because the latter did not feel well after the incident.

Thompson's agent, Bill Duffy, told ESPN earlier that the player did not experience any concussion and that he will consult with the neurologist on Friday.

Talking about how Thompson's situation was handled, Duffy said he had no problems with it.

"I think Klay was communicated with. There was no pressure whatsoever. It's absolute that this was handled the right way, with communication between the team and us, so I see no issue whatsoever, or no need for scrutiny. ... To me, it's a non-issue as to how it was handled," Duffy explained.

SB Nation reported that Thompson will need to rest until he is symptom-free.

"Once that happens, the player will have to be symptom-free while going through different levels of exertion, from a stationary bike to non-contact drills," added the SB Nation article.

The same report explained that the team physician is the one who will determine if Thompson is healthy enough to play again.

This is just one of the accidents on the court for the Warriors; MVP Stephen Curry also suffered from a hard fall during Game 4. SB Nation said he was cleared for a concussion and allowed to return to the game.

There are concerns though with the team as they have a history of players clearing for the concussion but showing symptoms later.

"Harrison Barnes suffered a head injury that required stitches in Game 6 against the [San Antonio] Spurs in 2013, passed the concussion test and was cleared to return, only to develop symptoms soon after and being pulled from the game for good," detailed SB Nation.

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