Updated 05:25 PM EST, Tue, Jan 18, 2022

Stephen Curry Daughter Riley Dominates MVP Dad's Post-Fight Conference

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Stephen Curry's adorable two-year-old daughter, Riley, has once again stolen the limelight from her father during the post-fight conference after the Golden State Warriors' win against the Houston Rockets on Wednesday night.

USA Today reports the ever-active Riley provided hilarious distractions like doing a peek-a-boo with the curtain and handing her gum to a Warriors employee while her father was being interviewed by members of the media.

"She's taking advantage of the situation for sure," Curry said during the press conference while trying to hold back his cute little girl.

In a similar report, Time said Riley attempted to grab the microphone from Curry and sang "Blessings" by Drake and Big Sean, with the rapper even noticing the act and posting it on his Instagram page.

The two-year-old bubbly kid did almost the same thing during a May 19 press conference where she told her dad to be quiet and hid under the press conference table.

Time said the funny distractions of Riley did not please everyone from the media with her acts being criticised by some reporters who found it hard to ask questions.

"I am not in favor of having children, especially very young children on the press conference stage. It distracts, totally changes the mood in the room, it removes the professionalism, and it makes the job harder. We have very limited media access to the players in the playoffs as it is," ESPN's Brian Windhorst was quoted saying of Curry's daughter.

Windhorst added kids at the podium make it hard for sports writers to ask the tough questions like "how their dads failed, and we can't do that with kids up there."

But it seems like the NBA 2015 MVP is not bothered by the negative comments as he still managed to tag along Riley during the press conference. Riley has also received support from Jason Kidd's 16-year-old son, T.J., who was also previously brought by his NBA star father to the podium during press conferences.

"So disappointed seeing all the negative comments on @wardell30 (Stephen Curry) having his daughter at press conference at last nights #WCF game. These times were so special and so important to me. My dad traveled and was away all the time for work so when he was home I was glued. #FamliyFirst #DontGetBetweenAManAndHisChild," T.J. posted this along with an old photo of him with his dad during a press conference. 

Curry's daughter has become an Internet sensation with her name trending on social media sites because of her cute antics amid press conferences.

A separate USA Today report said that she also guested on her mom Ayesha's cooking show for CSN Bay Area earlier this week, where she helped in making crepes.

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