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Charlie Charlie Challenge: Mexican Ghost Ritual Real or Hoax? Here's What You Need to Know

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It's either children nowadays can't get good-enough advice from their parents -- and adults in general -- or they have really gone bonkers over Bieber and 1D.

The latest Twitter fad among youngsters, dubbed the #CharlieCharlieChallenge, involves summoning a Mexican ghost for inquiry, Heavy.com reports. It is believed to be inspired from an ancient Mexican ritual and gives the players similar experience to that of the Ouija board.

Well, you can ask Charlie pretty much whatever you like, such as dating tips and life advice, but most online queries include One Direction and Justin Bieber, the Mirror wrote. The Twitterverse is divided on the authenticity of the game with some claiming they have had actual encounter with Charlie, while others dismissing it to no more than a silly game.

The game is played on a piece of paper where you put one pencil on top of another, resembling the figure of a cross. You, then, have to write two "Yes" and two "No" on the paper within the four quadrants bounded by the pencils.

In order to summon the Mexican ghost, and find out if he's around, one needs to cantillate the phrase "Charlie, Charlie, are you here?" If for some reason the pencil moves and points towards "Yes," then you are in for some ghostly experience.

Although if you come to think of it, there's no reason to believe that Charlie's not around when the pencil moves towards "No," because, let's face it, these writing implements don't just move on their own. Perhaps, Charlie's just not in the mood to play, and he'd rather munch on his favorite burritos and nachos with guacamole on the side; or probably he finds the Bieber topic so draggy already (and we can't blame the ghost here, can we?) that it bores him to his death (no pun intended).

You need not do the "Jarabe Tapatío" (Mexican Hat Dance) or wear a "Charro" outfit and other Mexican garb before playing the game. But, one thing Charlie wants is for you to be polite. Some Twitter users warned against not properly ending the game which could open the door for other demons to haunt you, according to Heavy.com.

And by the way, there are no hard and fast rules in playing the game. You are not confined to using the "Yes" and "No" words, and you can modify them with whatever suits your queries, or the answers you are looking for. There are different versions of the game such as the one where it involves two players and the use of more than two pencils, as per Pencils.com.

The Charlie Charlie challenge is another game that has gone viral via Twitter recently, following the #KylieJennerChallenge where some teens posted their selfies imitating Kylie's plumped lips. The 17-year-old KUWTK reality star responded by asking her fellow teens to embrace their individuality, and also admitted to the truth behind her much talked about lips.

Now, we just have to wait if Charlie would do the same, and take to Twitter his own admission of his (and the game's) veracity. We'll keep you posted.

For the meantime, let us know through your comments if you've braved out the Charlie Charlie challenge yourself, and whether you think it's simply a hoax or it's totally real.

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