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'Frozen 2' Top 5 Shocking Plot Theories: Movie Trailer, Release Date & The Latest Buzz So Far [News & Rumors]

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Ever since Disney announced "Frozen 2," avid fans of the original animated film are feverish in letting everyone know about what they would want to see in the follow-up movie. Aside from Idina Menzel (Elsa) and Kristen Bell (Anna) returning to their roles, nothing has been confirmed yet, but this doesn't stop fans from guessing what story the sequel will focus on once it airs in theaters.

Listed below are the top five most notable fan theories.

An Arch-Rival for Elsa

Ecumenical News wrote that "Frozen 2" will feature the rival of Elsa who possesses the exact opposite of her ice powers. Obviously, the rumored villain will be able to control the fire element.

A New Love Interest

The first part of "Frozen" focused on Anna's infatuation with Prince Hans, with the second half showcasing the princess' growing affection for the simpleton Kristoff. For "Frozen 2," fans are guessing that a new romance will be under the spotlight, and this time, it's for Elsa, Ecumenical News noted.

Prince Hans' Change of Heart

We previously reported about the theories suggesting that the first film's main villain, Hans, could return to Arendelle as a redeemed person. With the possibility of a new villain in the kingdom capable of challenging Elsa's powers, Hans could be out of the picture as the bad guy and instead help Elsa and her friends to defeat the new threat to Arendelle's peace for "Frozen 2."

'Frozen 2' Inspired from 'Ozma of Oz'

As we reported before, "Frozen" creator and animation director Chris Buck has hinted that the sequel will take a page off the book of another famous story.

Buck was apparently inspired by his visit in Australia and plans to give "Frozen 2" a touch of L. Frank Baum's "Ozma of Oz." The two child-friendly stories have stunning similarities when it comes to their main characters.

Elsa As A Lesbian?

"Frozen" gives a nod to feminism and is also LGBT-friendly. The whole theme of the animated film could also be attributed to gay people coming out of the closet and revealing their true sexuality to the world. "Let It Go," the film's theme song, could be viewed as a coming-out track. Elsa hiding her powers and her true nature could also be a symbolism for the same plight of the LGBT community, iDigitalTimes pointed out.

So the question is: would Disney risk a game-changer and reveal Elsa as gay in "Frozen 2?" iDigitalTimes wrote that this is highly unlikely.

Despite society's growing acceptance of LGBTs, "that is not a universally held sentiment," the news outlet noted. This would leave a huge impact on a lot of people, given the fact that "Frozen" is an animated film aimed primarily at children.

"The explosion of the right-wing media if Disney revealed an explicit gay character, especially such a beloved one, in a family movie would be... like little we've seen before in the culture wars," iDigitalTimes explained.

Peter Del Vecho, Jennifer Lee, and Buck are developing "Frozen 2" for Walt Disney Animation Studios, Variety reported. The sequel is expected to be released in 2018.

Relive the magic of "Frozen" by watching the original film's trailer below.

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