Updated 04:27 PM EST, Tue, Jan 18, 2022

Stephen Curry Breaks Records With 59 Three-Pointers During Game 3 vs Rockets

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NBA 2015 MVP and Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry made his 59th triple for the postseason during the Warriors victory over the Houston Rockets for Game 3 of the Western Conference finals.

Yahoo Sports said this is another achievement for Curry since he was able to score a 3-pointer with 4:32 remaining during the second quarter of the match.

This is reportedly the NBA record for "most 3-point makes in a single playoff run." Sharpshooter Reggie Miller was only able to make 58 in 2000 during the Indiana Pacers attempt in the NBA Finals.

Curry nailed the shot as his second 3-pointer for the game and it went straight to the basket.

It can be noted that Curry made another milestone earlier in the season when he broke the NBA record for the most 3-pointers in a single season

"He reached 1,000 made triples faster than any other player in league history. And now, he's got the single-postseason 3-point crown, too, firing up more than 11 3-pointers per playoff game to this point," explained Yahoo Sports.

A similar Huffington Post report noted that Curry is certainly living up to the expectations after winning the most coveted MVP title. For Game 3, he finished with 40 points making James Harden's 17 points seem amateur in the 115-80 victory of the Warriors.

Curry's team now has a 3-0 record against the Rockets who will soon be facing elimination if they do not step up their game.

"We are as desperate as they are to increase our lead. What you saw in the first half, especially the energy, effort and focus we came out with, we were able to sustain it for 48 minutes. It was the best game of our series," said Curry.

If they make it past the playoffs, it would be possible that Curry will go head to head with Cleveland Cavaliers' LeBron James.

For Warriors coach Steve Kerr, his team will prove that they are hard to beat.

"It's all about just valuing every possession and defending like crazy and everybody competing. When we do that, we're tough to beat," the coach added.

As for the MVP, he mentioned that they are all working together to play better as a team.

"You know, everybody on that team has confidence to come out here and try to make plays, myself included. If you get stops and get a flow, a rhythm, to the game, things start to happen," Curry said.

Let us see if Curry will continue his amazing performance in the Game 4 which will be hosted by Texas on Monday night. Fans are also looking forward to the Warriors' possible advancement into the NBA finals by winning the next game.

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