Updated 11:00 AM EST, Thu, Jan 20, 2022

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs LG G4 Note: Release Date, Specs & Features Roundup [Rumors]

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LG does not plan to be left behind when it comes to new technology. According to Gotta Be Mobile, the Korean company is preparing to release two flagship smartphones for 2015. One of them being the LG G4, and the other, a Note-sized device that's bound to take on Samsung's Galaxy Note 5 or Apple's iPhone 6 Plus.

With the LG G4 expected for release early in June, there are also rumors indicating that LG's larger phone is bound to come out in summer or fall.

Let's take a look at how the alleged LG G4 Note phablet fares with the likewise-rumored Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

According to the Tech Times, the LG G4 Note may sport a 5.5-inch 3K screen with a 2280 x 1620  pixel resolution, 600 ppi. It is also expected to follow the company's G Flex Line with a curved design.

Another LG phablet codenamed "LG LS770" has made listing appearance as well. This is touted to pack a 5.8-inch screen, measuring 6.07 x 2.87 inches, with a removable 3,000 mAh battery. The device is said to be carried by Sprint.

It's touted to have two cameras, one at 16 MP and another at 5 MP, the Tech Times wrote.

Previously, Know Your Mobile wrote that the LG G4 Note is rumored to feature a metal build, or at least a metal shell. Whichever one it is, ZD Net has noted that the company is looking to compete with other premium handsets from Samsung, HTC, Sony and Apple.

As for the Galaxy Note 5, Korean outlet Who Wired confirmed that Samsung has denied launching the phablet in July. Android Geeks noted that since the first Galaxy Note released in 2011, Samsung has always marked the rest of its successors for September at the annual IFA tech fair in Berlin.

As cited by Android Geeks, the Galaxy Note 5 will be an upgraded version of the S6, sporting a 5.7-inch Quad HD screen and the same 16 MP camera fitted in the S6 and S6 Edge.

Under the hood, the device is pegged to pack a 64-bit Exynos processor or Snapdragon 810, coupled by 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB / 64 GB / 128 GB internal storage options.

While these details are still best taken with healthy pinches of salt, it looks like the Galaxy Note 5 will be slightly larger than the LG G4 Note. It would also be interesting to know how the latter's camera will be, considering that the standard LG G4 is recognized as one of the best Android phone cameras to date.

Which of the above-mentioned gadgets would you most likely get for yourself?

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