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Daniel Cormier a Mariah Carey Fanboy? MMA Fighter Headed to Watch Mimi After UFC 187

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After his UFC 187 fight against Anthony "Rumble" Johnson, Daniel Cormier plans to celebrate his expected victory by watching Mariah Carey's show.

TMZ said Cormier picked the diva for his assumed post-fight party over Britney Spears and Celine Dion, but noted that he is not really a "diva" type of guy, adding that he is a Boyz II Men fan.

"I'm going to Mariah, Sunday night. How'd you know that? Did you get into my Emails? I'm going to Mariah. I usually go to Boyz II Men, every time. I took my crew of about seven or eight guys last time to Boyz II Men, they hated it. I am a Boyz II Men junkie," the UFC fighter said in an MMA Mania report.

According to the San Francisco Sun Times, it's a sight for a bloodied and bruised Cormier to be rocking it out in a Mariah Carey concert, along with other fans of the famous songstress.

In a separate MMA Mania report, Cormier said he is confident he will win the UFC light heavyweight title, adding that he also hopes to fight suspended UFC fighter Jon Jones.

Talking about Jones' suspension and recent title strip-off, Cormier said that a misfortune always breeds a second chance for a person.

"Normally, that doesn't happen unless you are the champion," Cormier said.

Jones was suspended indefinitely after he was arrested over felony charges after leaving an accident scene. Cormier was later on declared as Jones' replacement for the fight against Johnson on May 23.

Cormier reportedly phoned UFC president Dana White to offer his participation for Memorial Day Weekend.

"I did, right away. Once you get through the shock and you get through the awe of the whole thing, like 'Oh my God I cannot believe this is happening. Is this lady okay? Is this lady's kid okay?' Then you kind of start thinking about opportunity. Your initial reaction is always going to be the human reaction -- it's not the competitor's reaction -- it's 'is everybody okay,'" Cormier explained.

Cormier added that when he checked social media, he assumed that it would turn out bad for Jones and thought that it could be an opportunity for him.

"I called Dana a few times and I think Dana was on vacation. Then I started calling Lorenzo. I just actually went to the next level after I called Dana a couple of times," he recalled.

Asked if he felt good about Jones' suspension, Cormier insisted that he is not really that kind of person.

"I don't like to kick a guy when he's down. I think that's not fair. At the end of the day, I think about more than just my feelings towards Jon. If you are saying this guy got what he deserved, what are you saying about his family? I'm not that person. I try and think about is everything okay in terms of his daughters and his family," he said.

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