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Austin Mahone, Becky G & Camila Cabello: What's The Deal Now?

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Speculations about the romance between Austin Mahone and Camila Cabello have surfaced months ago. The pair seemed to be on their way to a relationship when it was suddenly cut short, with the rumors shifting to Mahone dating Becky G. Now that it's confirmed that Mahone and Becky are indeed lovers, is there any bad blood between the couple and Cabello?

Master Herald claimed that the Fifth Harmony member has no hard feelings over her fallout with Mahone. In an interview with Seventeen magazine's June/July issue, the 18-year-old singer reacted positively to her ex boyfriend's new romance with Becky and didn't dwell too much on the past. Mahone recently stated that Becky is his first real relationship, which could come off negatively in regards to his time with Cabello.

"I don't regret anything. It was my first kiss, my first love," Cabello told Seventeen. "It's important to learn about liking somebody and being swept away, but it wasn't meant to be."

However, Cabello insisted that she is positive that she will find somebody else to love despite her breakup with Mahone.

"I'll find somebody else," the singer assured the magazine, admitting that she's a hopeless romantic. "It's a cycle. I love love. I'm, like, obsessed with it."

Austin Mahone & Becky G Going Strong

Though speculations about the real score of their relationship have long circulated around, it wasn't until Becky's music video for "Lovin' So Hard" came out that the singer's romance with Mahone was confirmed.

In an interview at the "Los 50 Mas Bellos" red carpet, Becky, 18, further talked about her boyfriend and revealed that her parents are supportive of their relationship.

"They only want me to be happy," the Mexican-American songstress said, as quoted by Latin Times. Though the couple is only at their "puppy love stage," Becky insisted that she and Mahone have been great friends for a long time now.

Master Herald noted that the two were always checking up on each other even before they became a couple, adding that Mahone and Becky often had studio sessions in the past.

"Things just happened. Time passed by and we just said, 'OK, I like you,'" she added, Latin Times reported.

"I feel that the most important thing is to be honest with my fans," Becky said on not keeping her relationship with Mahone a secret, Latin Times added. "I'm very happy, why would I try to hide it, ya' know?"

The couple is surely proud of their romance. Just recently, Becky surprised her fans by dyeing her blonde hair back to its natural black color. One Twitter user asked the singer what her boyfriend thinks of her new hair style, which then led to Mahone tweeting back: "I love it! You look gorgeous."

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