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UFC Fight Night 33 Results, Live Blog, & Preview: Mark Hunt Vs. Big Foot Silva in Main Event

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Heavyweight: Majority draw between Mark Hunt and Antonio Silva (48-47 Hunt, 47-47, 47-47)
"Big Foot" Silva started out strong, using his size advantage to keep Hunt at a distance using outside leg kicks to keep Hunt at bay. Silva hits Hunts with a few combos before rocking him with a right hook that floored him. Hunt recovers but Silva continues pressing, with Hunt countering as best as he can to end the round.

Hunt the 2nd Round off with a combo but Silva fired back with leg kicks to push back at Hunt. Hunt continued pressing his attack driving through and landing with right hands. Hunts nails inside kicks and hits a counter before landing a body kick. Silva ends the round with a low kick to Hunt's calf that sends him limping back to his corner.

Hunt goes for a takedown, misses but manages to take down Silva countering a trip. Silva manages to get back up, nailing Hunt with an uppercut, clinching Hunt before eating a right hand from Hunt off the clinch break. Hunt manages to take down Silva punishing "Big Foot" with vicious elbows to end the 3rd Round.

Silva starts the 4th Round with outside leg kicks with Hunt connecting with a right. The fighters clinch with Silva landing outside kicks. Hunt managed get a huge takedown on Silva, with Silva countering with an attempted armbar. The fighters stand tall, with Hunt landing a big standing elbow before exchanging strikes with Silva that ended up hurting Hunt badly. Silva lands atop Hunt after a furious flurry of blows and starts dropping hammer-fists and elbows in a brutal ground-and-pound attack, with Hunt holding on despite being left a bloody mess in the 4th Round.

Hunt started the 5th landing hard rights, rocking Silva, firing two left hooks that hurt "Big Foot". Silva tried a takedown but took another barrage of blows from Hunt, busting Silva open to the point that the official had to check Silva's eye. After the medical timeout, Silva nailed Hunt with a couple of leg kicks with Hunt responding with an elbow. Silva nailed a huge right on Hunt with Silva leaning on Hunt on the clinch to further wear him down. Both fighter furiously trade strikes against the cage with "Big Foot" landing two knees in the clinch to end the match in what was one of the most exciting draws you will ever see in the history of combat sports.

Light Heavyweight: Shogun Rua def. James Te Huna via KO in the 1st Round
Te Huna and Rua started off measuring each, with Rua stuffing a takedown attempt by Te Huna. Te Huna went in over-aggressively, leading with a right, and ended up eating a counter left hook that absolutely crumbled Te Huna for a "Shogun" knock out victory.

Light Heavyweight: Ryan Bader def. Anthony Perosh via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-26)
Bader starts off with a left hook and lands a right hand to start the match. Bader continues pressing the attack, drilling Perosh with an uppercut. Perosh attempts to counter, landing a lead right hand but Bader manages a takedown and works Perosh off the half-guard. Perosh got on his feet but ate a jab and got taken back down, eating a Shogan punch while on the ground. Bader controlled, dropping elbows and punches from the top position to end the 1st Round. Perosh starts aggressively the 2nd round, only to get taken down by Bader and get punished with a vicious ground-and-pound attack for most of the round, crushing Perosh with a barrage of elbows and punches. Bader continued the dismantling of Perosh in the 3rd Round, taking him down and smothering with a ground-and-pound for most of the round to win the match by the decision.

Heavyweight: Soa Palelei def. Pat Barry via KO
Berry attempted to start off with strikes, landing a flying knee, only to be taken down by Palelei. Barry attempts a Kimura but Palelei escapes and gains control from the top position. Palelei continued his control, pinning Barry's arm down and unleashing a ground-and-pound attack that forced the referee to call the fight aftr Barry got knocked out, giving Palelei the win in front of his home country crowd.

Clint Hester def. Dylan Andrews via TKO (doctor stoppage, injury)
The TUF 17 teammates squared off in the next match with Hester connecting on Andrews right off the bat, following up with a shot to the body and a knee up the middle. But Andrews recovered, tripping Hester and taking him down. Andrews attempted a guillotine but failed to cinch it, allowing Hester to get on top. Andrews used an underhook to stand back up and managed to take Hester back down to end the 1st Round. Andrews attempted another takedown to start the 2nd Round but landed a right hand counter instead. Hester managed to take Andrews down and worked elbows over Andrews' face. Andrews eventually getting back on his feet, only to eat a series of rights to end the round. Andrews failed to make it to the 3rd Round due a doctor stoppage after Andrews separated his shoulder during the early exchange in the 2nd Round, giving the victory to Hester.

Women's Bantamweight: Beth Correia defeats Julie Kedzie via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
Kedzie started the 1st Round aggressively going at Correia with lead kicks to the body and legs. Kedzie landed a hard hook that connected midway through the round, forcing Correia to clinched and managing to get a takedown prior to the end of the 1st Round. Kedzie continued going strong in the 2nd Round, hitting a series of stiff combos that connected on Correia. Correia managed to stave off Kedzie with a stiff right hand but Kedzie eventually nailed Correia with a left hook late in the 2nd Round. Correia managed a quick takedown to start the 3rd Round, but her inexperience allowed Kedzie to crawl her way to the fence and work herself upright. Correia attempted to get Kedzie's back during the scrum but Kedzie sneaked out the attempt and took the action back to the middle of the cage. Correia attempted to turn it into a brawl towards the end of the fight, connecting and backing Kedzie late in the 3rd Round, with stiff punches, doing enough to earn the split decision win.

Heavyweights Mark Hunt and Antonio "Big Foot" Silva, both looking to bounce back from devasting losses as they try to climb back up the title rankings, are set to headline Friday night's UFC Fight Night 33, televised live from Brisbane, Australia.

Silva, currently ranked number four in the heavyweight division after coming off a TKO title match loss to Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez at UFC 160 (his second defeat at the hands of Velasquez), is looking to rebound and gain another shot at championship.

Silva initially made it clear he did not want to fight Hunt considering both fighters train with American Top Team. After much thought, Silva took the fight and made it clear that he was prepared for this match-up, in hopes it catapults him back into the title scene.

"Fighting someone that you know and like is complicated, but it's part of our job," said Silva during the press conference. "I fight for my family and fans, people need my support every day, so I have to be professional. We'll respect each other when the fight starts, and we'll be friends and train together again after the fight, no problem. But when I get in there, winning is the only thing I'm going to think about."

Hunt, who hails from South Auckland, New Zealand, and will likely have the crowd behind him competing close to home, is also coming off a loss that dropped him from the Top Ten rankings after former UFC heavyweight champion Junior Dos Santos knocked Hunt out with a spinning heel kick that cost him the match. HUnt hopes that victory over Siva will get back into into the top ten and a possible championship match down the road..

"He's No. 4 in the world, and I'm not even in the top 10. If I beat him, I should take his spot," said Hunt. "I want at least to get an opportunity. Beating 'Bigfoot' this weekend moves me a step closer. If it doesn't, then so be it. It's just the way it's supposed to be."

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