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Starbucks Meltdown Video Scandal: Ex-Employee Speaks Out About 'Abusive' Customer Encounter

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Something's brewing at a Starbucks coffee shop in Queens, New York after someone foamed at the mouth. And no, we're not even talking about coffee here.

The NBC New York reports about a video of one Starbucks' employee which went viral, via social media, when she totally lost it and lambasted one customer for not paying attention, and whom she accused of not paying for a "cookie straw."

Ruby Chen, who was at the other end of the employee's ranting, took to her Facebook Account her nightmarish experience. She gave an account of the story saying that the employee began yelling at her when she failed to give a response when another staff asked for her name.

She said that she had placed an order for a cup of coffee, and was busy pulling up for the Starbucks' app on her phone to pay, that's why she didn't hear anything. "Sorry I don't hear you, but you don't have to yell," she told the employee. She also added that she still hasn't got a clue as to what caused her meltdown.

Chen did the right thing and asked for the manager to speak to, but was quickly dismissed by the infuriated employee saying that she's the manager.

"You're talking to the manager.Get out. You're not going to be served here."

The "manager", who turned out to be just the shift supervisor, refused to allow Chen to pay, saying that she was holding up the line. She even accused her of trying to steal the edible straw, and threaten to call the police.

When other customers tried to speak for Chen, the shift supervisor also lashed out at them.

Pennapa Castro, who was sitting on one of the tables behind the line, caught the interaction on a video. Pennapa posted it on Facebook and also e-mailed a copy of it to Chen.

As for her side of the story, Melissa (who refused to have her last name revealed) came to her own defense, saying that the customer was the one abusive to her, and that she got no support from the district manager, according to PIX11. She also tried to set straight the reports stating that she was fired by the company, and cleared up that she quit on her own.

The store manager went to bat for her saying that she was "a good person who did a bad thing."

Maggie Jantzen, spokesperson for Starbucks, released a statement Saturday through PIX11. "The customer's experience is not reflective of the service our baristas provide. The employee was immediately suspended and no longer works for Starbucks... this experience is not what we want our customers to have in our stores."

Jantzen also added that their company, through their leadership team, has already contacted Chen to try to make up for their former employee's untoward behavior, saying that they worked to quickly settle the issue.

Aside from the fact that the cranky employee is no longer working at the establishment, Chen gets to enjoy a $100 gift card, courtesy of the coffee shop, on her next visit, the NBC New York also notes.

Help to share this too much attitude at Starbuck on grand ave 86-51 Broadway elmhurst New York 11373 on Tuesday may 12th ,2015 her name is Melissa she called the cop and the cop told Chinese lady to complain online . She didn't act like manager and all the time she has high attitude to the customer

Posted by Pennapa Castro on Tuesday, May 12, 2015

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