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Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Release Date Looming? Unbeatable Power Efficiency & Processor Performance Expected! Specs, Features & Price Details Here [Rumors]

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Speculations about the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 still continue to pile up as days went on.

We compiled the most notable specs and features of the device. Note that there are all rumors as of now and an official announcement from Microsoft is yet to be had.

Specs & Features

The Motley Fool wrote that the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 will come in at 12-inch and 14-inch variants, with both versions said to have a resolution of 2160 x 1440, up to 16GB of RAM, and a maximum of 1TB of internal storage. The tech giant could also use either Broadwell or Skylake chips as replacement for Intel's Haswell processors.

As for the difference between Skylake and Broadwell "Core M" processors, The Motley Fool defines the former as a chip which "traded processing power for power efficiency," adding that it "boosted battery life by roughly 30% compared to Haswell processors and didn't require fans." This allows manufacturers to make slimmer and longer-lasting devices. Some laptops powered by Broadwell include Apple's new MacBook and Lenovo's Yoga Pro 3.

Skylake, meanwhile, "offers the fanless design and power efficiency of Broadwell without sacrificing processing power," the news outlet wrote. The processor was also made using the same 14nm process like the Broadwell but has different circuitry.

According to The Motley Fool, if the Surface Pro 4 is equipped with Skylake processors, the hybrid laptop could outmatch the power efficiency and processing power of its competitors such as Apple's MacBook. However, Microsoft and Intel's timelines don't go well.

"Even if Intel launches Skylake in August, large quantities probably won't arrive until the holiday season, which would further delay the arrival of the Surface Pro 4. However, Intel and Microsoft have a long history together, so it's possible that the two companies might work together to surprise the market with a Skylake-powered Surface Pro 4," the news outlet continued.

The Christian Today reported that the Surface Pro 4 will be equipped with Windows 10. Tiny holes is said to be present in specific areas of the device to "dissipate the heat being generated by the processor and other components," the news outlet added.

Other features rumored to be included in the hybrid laptop are: a fully functional USB 3.0 port, microUSB port, and other connectivity options.


According to The Christian Today, the Surface Pro 4 will have a price tag much higher than its predecessor, which is sold starting at $499. This could mean that the hefty price tag is a guarantee that the device will have better hardware specifications.

Release Date

Citing sources, The Gospel Herald wrote that a release date for the Surface Pro 4 is still uncertain, though an anonymous insider claimed that the device could be launched mid-May. Geek Snack, however, said that this information is unusual given that the speculated date comes just after the Build 2015 conference.

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