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Lindsay Lohan Slacking Off in Community Service? Actress Yet to Complete 116 More Work Hours!

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A hundred and sixteen more hours of community service translates to roughly five days of non-stop effort.

For Lindsay Lohan, however, the cost and time of travel related to the job may also be difficult to deal with.

Reportedly, the "Mean Girls" star has only completed 9 hours and 45 minutes of her sentenced 125 hours of community service, Us Weekly cited.

As told by the outlet, a judge has informed her lawyer Shawn Holley that the remaining 116 hours must be completed by May 28. Otherwise, she is bound to undergo "consequences."

Holley explained to court that Lohan failed to complete the required hours in London due to the 90-minute distance between her home and service organization, TMZ reported. In addition, the actress has to hire a car service for the three-hour round trip.

As an apparent resolution, it was said that Lohan can complete the rest of her service at the Brooklyn Community Center.

Santa Monica City Attorney Terry White told the NY Daily News, "We'll probably ask that her probation be revoked. It doesn't appear she's taking it very seriously."

"She's had more than enough opportunity to finish. But she turned in some hours that were extremely suspect, that the court disallowed, and now, given the last chance of all last chances, she's come up woefully short," White went on.

NY Daily News wrote that Lohan rushed to wrap her original 240-hour requirement back in January.

If Lohan fails to complete the required service hours, she could spend about a year and a half in jail, Santa Monica City Attorney Melanie Skehar said, People cited.

Followers would remember that Lohan's probation stems from a 2012 car crash on the Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica.

In January, Lohan was reportedly hospitalized after acquiring the Chikungunya virus in Bora Bora, French Polynesia. The condition presents fever and joint pain as its most common clinical manifestations.

According to reports, Lindsay already complained of her illness just before the New Year. She's said to be admitted at King Edward VII's Hospital (London), the same facility where the Queen gets treatment.

In the meantime, Lohan has announced teaming up with British fashion label Lavish Alice on Instagram. The Daily Mail took note of her photo's caption, "Sneak peak @lavishalice #rankinStudios @thom.walker @jloganhorne @rankinphoto @larrykinghair more soon! Available in #June LavishAlice.com #MajorSituation #cantwaitanylonger #teamwork [sic]."

According to the outlet, Lohan has already donned the brand's designs in recent months.

Is Lindsay's excuse justified? What do you think about the number of hours she has rendered? Sound off in the comments below.

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