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Samsung Galaxy S7 Out This Year? 5G Foldable Smartphone Tipped! The Latest Release Date, Specs, Features & Price Rumors

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It's a common feat for tech giants to continually upgrade their devices in order to keep up with the consumers' increasing demands. Samsung is one of these companies which smartphones have met the satisfaction of their customers.

Though the corporation just released their highly successful Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, rumors about the handset's successor are already going around. Listed below are the speculations surrounding the purported Samsung Galaxy S7. Note that these are all rumors and an official announcement from Samsung about the device is yet to be made.

Specs & Features

Phone Concepts claimed that the Samsung Galaxy S7 will have 6GB worth of RAM space, a cyclone HMP technology for the chipset, and a true Octa core 3.0 x GHz processor. TheGalaxyS7.com said that cyclone HMP technology is the same one utilized in Apple's latest iPhone chipsets. If the rumors are to be believed, the Galaxy S7 could be two times faster than the S6.

Aside from the inclusion of the Octa-core Snapdragon processor 3.0+ GHz or Exynos 16-core big.LITTLE, TheGalaxyS7.com also said that the Galaxy S7 could have either 4K resolution or a foldable display. Other features include a 20 MP front camera sensor with a rotating system, advanced Touch ID technology and retina scan, as well as fast charging technology.

The news outlet, however, said that the Galaxy S7 will have 4GB of RAM, which is in contrary with Phone Concepts' claims.

International Business Times reported that Samsung is working on Ultra HD 2160 x 3840 pixels Super AMOLED displays, which could be incorporated into the rumored Galaxy S7. Realty Today claimed that the Galaxy S7 is expected to have storage options temporarily listed at 32 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB. As for the OS, we previously reported that the smartphone could be powered by the Android 6.0.

Phone Concepts claimed that the appearance of the smartphone will be fully metal, with its Home button slim and minimal. Concept Phones, on the other hand, reported about Hasak Kaymak's claims that the Galaxy S7's golden version will have a segmented back with a nice touch, while a black variant will have leather-like special texture and a bit of basket weavings.


GalaxyS6Samsung.com said that the Galaxy S7 will be priced at $999, while another source speculated that the smartphone could be bought at $1099.

Release Date

Value Walk claimed that the Galaxy S7 would be announced in December 2015, with a release date set in January 2016. In contrast, International Business Times speculated that the smartphone will be launched between March or April next year.

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