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Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Release Date Next Week? Fanless Laplet Could Have Powerful Battery Life [Specs, Features & Price Rumors]

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Prospects may have been disappointed when the long-anticipated Surface Pro 4 made no appearance at Microsoft's recent Build 2015 event. Though the Redmond giant has promised more interesting things about the great Windows 10, we're still left with speculations as to how the next iteration of the hybrid Surface Pro will become.

At the edge of April, however, SlashGear obtained word from an anonymous source, who claimed that the Surface Pro 4 will arrive at a special Microsoft event set in mid-May.

If we are to pinpoint a specific date, "mid-May" falls at exactly May 16 (next week), though it can also mean a broader time frame.

First, it hasn't been indicated whether this alleged Microsoft event will run on a single day, or stretch for a few more. Second, it may be helpful to consider the launch of the earlier Surface Pro 3, unveiled on May 20, 2014, International Business Times cited.

As told by IBT, the Surface Pro 4 is rumored to sport a fanless architecture, having "similar attributes" to its predecessor. It is said to own a 12-inch screen running a resolution of 2160 x 1440 pixels.

Alongside the 12-inch model, the Surface Pro 4 is also touted to arrive in a larger 14-inch variant, the Ecumenical News cited. A similar display resolution is expected.

In terms of processor, the 12-inch model is allegedly run by a Broadwell chip, while its larger sibling is speculated to house Intel i5 and i7 processors, the Ecumenical News said. Additional specs cited by the outlet include 1 TB of storage, LTE support, 8 MP rear camera and 3.5 MP front snapper.

The purported cameras are expected to capture 1080p videos.

While Microsoft has not confirmed rumors just yet, the Venture Capital Post seemed certain, claiming, "Windows 10 will certainly be coming to the Surface Pro 4. By the time Surface Pro 4 releases, Windows 10 will already be out and that means it will get all the new features of Windows 10."

The VC Post added that the new Surface Pro is believed to use 16 GB of RAM. The outlet expects the device to fall on a price that ranges from $1,000 to $2,000.

IBT predicted that the new Surface Pro could have a smaller battery, but may nevertheless deliver "similar or even longer battery life."

The new laplet is expected to hit the market between June and October 2015, Christian Today noted. In the meantime, as these are all speculations, healthy pinches of salt may best be taken.

Are you excited to see the Surface Pro 4?

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