Updated 04:41 PM EST, Tue, Jan 19, 2021

'WWE 2K16' PS4 Xbox One PC Release Date: New Features Revealed? Roster & Gameplay Details Tipped! [Rumors]

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"WWE 2K16" continues to pique the interest of gamers as new features are now being rumored to be included in the upcoming game release.

SegmentNext said the game is speculated to feature a new body system where players can target specific parts of the opponent's body using their weapons.

"When struck, the opponents will react likewise, by holding on their heads or limping away on their feet. Each part will have its own coupling animations," SegmentNext explained.

A similar Gameranx article noted that this new feature will also allow players to "simulate ring psychology to some extent" with the weapons having their special targets.

"The wrestler who gets struck will react with appropriate animations, holding onto their legs or their heads. This makes kendo sticks, TLC, baseball bats, etc strategic choices and not just something to play with," the same report added.

Meanwhile, the missing customization options from WWE 2K15 will be present in the upcoming installment and players will also be able to create their own Divas for the game, SegmentNext noted.

Aside from these, a new stamina system and animations for victories are also expected to come with the game expected to be released in October this year on the PS4 and Xbox One.

2K Sports also went the extra mile, as per Gameranx, after it installed sensors on the belts of the wrestlers to make them more realistic for the players.

With the introduction of "WWE 2K15" to the PC, Gameranx said there is a big possibility that the upcoming release will also be available in other platforms.

"You can see in the minimum PC specs that 2K Games' build of WWE 2K15 is scalable, so much so that it could even be ported to 6th gen consoles. It may not matter for sales, but for the sake of not leaving fans out, 2K Games may choose to bring WWE 2K16 to PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U, and maybe even tablets," explained Gameranx.

According to CrossMap, this year's installment of the game may have a bigger roster than the previous release, noting that fans are already clamoring for more wrestlers especially with the decrease of the number of players for the past years. "WWE 2K15" has only 83 playable characters.

Some of the fighters confirmed to be part of the game are WWE Diva Rosa Mendes and NXT Woman's Champion Sasha Banks.

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