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Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Date & Specs: 3 Stunning Concepts You Need to See! Features & Price Details Here [Rumors]

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Nowadays, companies have been improving their products by creating new and upgraded version of their latest release. Every launch, manufacturers try to compete in the market since people always demand more.

Samsung, one of the giants in the field of manufacturing smartphones, is about to update its collection. The success of the launch of Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge would mean that Samsung Galaxy S7 is next in line. According to thegalaxys7.com the announcement might happen in December 2015, with a release date to be set in January 2016.

Continually mesmerizing the world with its upgrades, rumors suggest that the giant smartphone company is about to release its next roll with exaggerated specs. In a report, Phone Concepts claimed that the Samsung Galaxy S7 will have 6GB of RAM, a cyclone HMP technology for the chipset and a true octa core 3.0 x GHz processor. Galaxy 7 website described the cyclone HMP technology as the same tech used in the latest Apple iPhone chipset. It would make Samsung Galaxy S7 two times faster than Galaxy S6's, supporting six instructions per cycle.

In addition, the Samsung Galaxy S7 would reportedly run on Octa-core Snapdragon processor 3.0+ GHz or Exynos 16-core big.LITTLE, with either 4K resolution or foldable display, 4GB RAM, 20 MP front camera sensor with rotatory system, advanced Touch ID button and retina scan and fast charging technology, thegalaxys7.com noted.

How about the appearance?

Citing rumors, Phone Concepts said that the appearance of the device will be fully metal with rotating camera and a razor sharp thin handset. The concept incorporated minimal use of bezels and a big earpiece. The phone is not expected to be as slim and the letters at the back sticks out too much, but the Home button is said to be very slim and minimal.

In another report, Hasan Kaymak who is well-versed in HTC designs, said that the company has applied some elements of his expertise in this Samsung model but with a twist. The phone in its golden version will have a segmented back with a nice touch. The black version is said to have a leather-like special texture and a bit of basket weavings.

Meanwhile, the International Business Times reported that Samsung is working on a Ultra HD 2160 x 3840 pixels Super AMOLED displays, as claimed through its Analyst Days presentation slides.

Regarding its price, the Samsung Galaxy S7 will be sold at US $999, galaxys6samsung.com claimed while another source said it is expected to have a price tag of US $1099.

Many rumors are on the web with different speculations about the Samsung Galaxy S7, and more will definitely come. Facts will surface as Samsung makes the official announcement, hopefully sooner than later.

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