Updated 04:54 PM EST, Thu, Dec 02, 2021

iPad Air 3 Release Date: How Specs & Features of New Apple Tablet Can Beat Rivals [Rumors]

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With the iPad Air 3 expected to be released this fall, it is believed to come with great specifications and features that will help it beat other large-screen tablets like Microsoft's Surface Pro and Samsung tablet models.

CrossMap said the upcoming device release could be Apple's thinnest iPad which is expected to be just about 6.9 to 7.1 millimeters or almost similar to the iPhone 6. It added that the device will reportedly include the A9 chip processor with 4GB of RAM.

In a similar report, the Inquisitr noted that the next iPad would run on the A9X processor, the latest chip currently being developed by Apple.

"A July introduction is in the works. The next variation of iPhone will be equipped with the latest chip. The iPad Air 3 will likely be the first of the tablets to house this kind of power. That is, unless Apple changes their minds and include the processor in the next iPad Mini," added Inquisitr.

The device will reportedly be available in a 32GB, 64GB and a whopping and rumored 128GB variant. Aside from this, the Apple iPad Air 3 is also believed to have a finger print scanner and stylus as per CrossMap.

There are also rumors claiming that the device will come with four speakers to provide users with amazing audio quality.

Screen, graphics feature

Inquisitr explained that the fourth generation tablet will have "a 10.2-inch screen boasting 3D graphics." Gamers who are looking for crisp display and graphics will surely look forward to the release of this tablet.

"Eye-popping visuals for certain websites will be a thing to do. If it looks good, people will glance at it and choose to revel in its beauty," the outlet added.

Citing reports, Expert Reviews said LG is speeding up the production of "high-resolution oxide TFT panels" rumored to be used by Apple in making the new iPad.

"Investment to produce 30,000 sheets next year's second quarter have started. Apple is creating iPads with 12.9 inch display, which shows they are increasing the panel size. And because so, we are planning in expanding production rate as well," an LG Display official was quoted by Expert Reviews as saying.

Though there is still no official announcement and confirmation from Apple, industry watchers believe that the iPad Air 3 will cost around $499.

"If price will not be the issue upon the release, the Air 3 will offer a better bang for the buck. The Mini 4 offers a nice fallback option if your pockets are stretched too far," Inquistr noted.

Coming in with these top-of-the-line and highly improved specifications, Apple is surely taking their iPad series a notch higher to easily beat rival tablets.

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