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Chicago Bulls vs Milwaukee Bucks: Game 2 Score & Analysis

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Monday was Chicago Bulls shooting guard Jimmy Butler's time to shine as he shot 31 points in their victory against the Milwaukee Bucks. The Bulls are still leading the playoff series 2-0. 

Chicago went home with a 91-82 win versus Milwaukee and an AFP report published on Yahoo Sports said that Butler was able to make 14 of his points during the fourth quarter of the game.

He dominated the last quarter where the Bulls had a 13-0 run and widened their lead to 10.

"A lot of my scoring goes to (my teammates) for drawing so much attention," Butler told the media after his team's victory.

According to the Associated Press via ESPN, other players in the team were instructing Butler to shoot the ball. "Literally telling me to shoot and not to pass up any shots. I was feeling it a little bit so I just put the ball in the basket," he said.

Teammate Pau Gasol also acknowledged the team's efforts during the playoffs.

"We just played two games and won both of them. Rebounding is a key factor, especially this time of year. We have to keep working on it," Gasol was quoted by AFP as saying.

Guard Derrick Rose also contributed 15 points and nine assists to the game though he did not score a point for the entire first half, AFP added.  

Other major scorers in the game were Mike Dunleavy Jr. with 12 points and Joakim Noah with 19 rebounds.

For his part, Bucks coach Jason Kidd admitted that they were not able to answer the shots coming from Butler.

"I thought we played a pretty good game on the road, giving ourselves an opportunity to win. Butler was a one-man show in being able to shoot the three and also get to the basket," he told reporters.

Kidd knew that his team missed a lot of shots in the game which could have aided the Bulls' win.

"We've got to get open shots and finish at the rim. We missed a lot of bunnies in the paint," he added.

The Bucks coach noted that since this is the playoffs, the competition between the teams will really be intense and physical since both are aiming to win.

"They've been in the playoffs before so they understand this moment/ For us, it's to make it hard for everybody. Pau -- we're trying to make it hard on him. Rose, Dunleavy, it doesn't matter who it is. Butler got going there. We just couldn't slow him down," Kidd told ESPN.

On Thursday, the Game 3 of the playoffs will happen in Milwaukee and everyone is excited to see if the Bulls will continue with their winning streak or if the Bucks will finally turn the tables.

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