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'Jurassic Park 4: World' Trailer Puts Chris Pratt on Spotlight! Release Date, Cast & Spoilers Here!

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The latest clip from "Jurassic World" is full of over-the-top and unbelievable scenes, it's getting fans of the franchise even more excited.

According to Star Pulse, the film stars Chris Pratt as Owne Grady, who is basically a dinosaur whisperer and a good addition to a team with a lot of dangerous creatures to look after, including the new modified species called the Indominus Rex.

As io9 noted, science experiments in Jurassic Park were full of fantasy dragons that look more like wingless dinosaurs. In response to the latest trailer that focused on Chris Pratt's character, a question about the appeal of "Jurassic World" dinosaurs came to light, with a commenter saying, "You know what they should have done? Said f*ck it, gone the whole hog and stuck wings on a T-Rex. Make an actual dragon. That would have been awesome. They're already playing god, may as well go for broke."

Another defended the franchise by saying "So the central idea is fine, we as the audience know it was engineered but the folks in the film don't. That's kind of the idea. They ran out of real dinos, so they made one that could be a believable new species recently discovered. That would draw in people because it's something they've never seen from the past. Thing is, we're still discovering new Dino species all the time. Or reclassifying old ones, like the Brontosaurus. The fact that they had to come up with a new one seems to be playing on the idea of man playing god once again, which is a central theme for the JP series in general."

However, as Pratt said about the new breed while taming a bunch of velociraptors, "It's not about control, it's a relationship based on respect." He also revealed that the new creatures were made to bring more visitors to the park, but not before pointing out that "These animals are thinking I gotta eat, I gotta hunt."

This is also probably why Bryce Dallas Howard's Claire Dearing, executive at the Jurassic World, felt the need to point out that there were two dinosaurs created for killing. 

When Pratt asked what happened to the sibling, she simply stated, "she ate him."

It should have been a sign, but there will be no sci-fi action flick otherwise.

The film, helmed by Colin Trevorrow, will hit theaters on June 12 and also stars BD Wong, Vincent D'Onofrio, Josh Brolin, and Irrfan Khan.

Check out the trailer:

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