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Can't Wait for 'Frozen 2'? Watch These 5 Twisted Parodies Now!

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It's been more than a year since "Frozen" debuted in theaters, but the so-called "Frozen" fever is still very much intact. The sequel won't come out until 2018, so it's understandable why there are loads of parody videos and fake trailers going around entertaining eager fans while waiting for "Frozen 2."

That being said, we compiled five parodies of Disney's hit animated film uploaded by different YouTube users. Majority of them are intended as laughing matter.

'Frozen 2' by Animation Domination High-Def

This parody video features Arendelle's Queen Elsa and Princess Ana, and as expected, the highly popular theme song of the movie titled "Let It Go." The clip begins with the two royalties building a snow man, but things started to turn darker when Elsa belts out "Let It Go" and kids all around the world started singing the song without stopping, presumably because of the track's devilish and darker side.

What's more, adult citizens die one by one because of the children's inability to stop themselves from singing the catchy tune. The video even featured the Ice Queen singing a rock version of the track with an evil glint in her eyes. Check it out below.

'Frozen 2: Melted' by Timmy Timato

This one showed YouTube user Timmy Timato impersonating Elsa and Anna -- albeit in an outrageous manner. The highlight of the clip was when the rude and sarcastic Elsa revealed that she removed Olaf's cloud flurry to kill the snowman. Naturally, Anna was furious, but she got angrier when she found out that her older sister slept with her boyfriend without remorse.

'Frozen 2 Trailer' by Spodermen

Poking fun at Disney's "sad stories" movie themes was the focus of this parody. Done with outrageous spellings of the dialogues flashing on screen, the clip featured common Disney tropes such as thrilling action scenes and love stories.

Watch the video below.

'Frozen 2 Parody' by DionYorkie

YouTube user Dion Yorkie's parody shines a light on a representation of Anna this time. However, Elsa's sweet and naïve younger sister was shown in a crazier and murderous fashion, for she killed the Ice Queen and even Olaf. She also wouldn't stop singing at the top of her lungs.

'Frozen' Parody Featuring Jack Frost and Elsa

Given that their powers resemble each other's, a lot of fans have been pining for Elsa and "Rise of the Guardians" lead character Jack Frost to end up with each other. Aside from their abilities in controlling the winter weather, Elsa and Jack are often pushed away by other people, making the pair see themselves in a negative aspect.

This parody sees Elsa and Jack Frost teaming up together. There really is no clear cut explanation for the plot of this fake trailer, but manips and edited clips of Elsa and Jack interacting with each other should be enough for those who want to see the two in one film.

"Frozen 2" is currently being developed by Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck, the same duo behind the first movie, Variety reported. Peter Del Vecho is producing the sequel for Walt Disney Animation Studios. As what we reported last March, the follow-up will be released in 2018, with the main actors reprising their respective roles.

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