Updated 05:50 PM EST, Tue, Jan 18, 2022

All In! Cleveland Cavaliers Win Game 1 With 13-Point Lead

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Victorious was how the Cleveland Cavaliers would describe their first game of the playoffs versus the Boston Celtics as they were able to seal a 113-100 win on Sunday.

Fox8 Cleveland said the initial 1-0 lead in the series did not come easy for the Cavaliers as the first quarter was not good for the winning team which just trailed their opponent during the period. But things changed in the second quarter, when they took a 62-54 advantage at halftime with Kyrie Irving leading his team with 20 points.

Coming into the fourth quarter, Fox8 Cleveland said the lead became wider in favor of the Cavs as the score was already 91-76.

According to ESPN, Irving indeed carried his team to victory with him having a total of 30 points in his playoff debut while LeBron James shot another 20.

For his part, James said he was proud of the achievement of his teammates for Game 1.

"They were phenomenal. Those two guys, they succeeded for the first time being in the postseason," he told the press while expressing confidence in Irving and Kevin Love's ability to contribute more in the playoffs.

It was noted that Sunday's game was the first home playoff game of Cleveland since 2010. It can be recalled that about five years ago, it was the Celtics which won the game and James left the arena while getting booed from a frustrated audience. He later left for Miami but is now back in Cleveland to prove once again that he still belongs with the Cavs.

For Irving, the biggest contributor on Sunday night, a four-day preparation was the key to their win. He said he was relieved for securing the first win of the playoff and is now setting his eyes on the next big game. "I'm just glad I got Game 1 out of the way," Irving said, as quoted by ESPN.

On the other hand, the Celtics said that they will try their best to tie the series on their next game scheduled for Tuesday night.

"We're still confident. Guys are ready for Game 2, knowing that good or bad you've got to have a short memory. There are possibly seven games in this series and it could go either way," point guard Isaiah Thomas told ESPN.

Celtics coach Brad Stevens also said that they will learn from the experience and improve from it. "Very simple. I don't want to overdo it. This is a long series," he added.

For Game 2, let us see if the Cavaliers can win again or if the Celtics will give their best shot to even the series.

Below is the game schedule of the Cavs and Celtics as per Fox8 Cleveland:

Game 2 - Tues., 4/21, 7 p.m. (in Cleveland)
Game 3 - Thurs., 4/23, 7 p.m. (in Boston)
Game 4 - Sun., 4/26, 1 p.m. (in Boston)

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