Updated 12:55 PM EST, Sat, Nov 27, 2021

NBA's Next MVP? How Steph Curry Made 77 Three-Pointers at Practice

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Stephen Curry, one of the this season's MVP candidates, has impressive shooting skills. In fact, he recently made 77 consecutive three-pointers.

During a practice on Tuesday, Bleacher Report said that Curry showcased the remarkable feat and also made 94 of his 100 attempts from downtown.

The report was confirmed by the Golden State Warriors' official Twitter account and social media coordinator Julie Phayer.

Bleacher Report noted that this is not surprising since Curry has set an NBA record of making 284 long balls for this season and breaking his own previous record.

"However, he's shooting only 44.2 percent from three-point range during games this year. He shot 94 percent during Tuesday's practice," Bleacher Report added.

A similar Yahoo Sports article noted that the MVP candidate is "guaranteed" to lead the NBA in three-point makes and attempts for the third straight season.

"He's currently shooting 44 percent from long range, right in line with his career mark, in a league where the average (even in these perimeter-heavy times) is 35 percent. Unless something goes awry, he will finish his career as the best shooter in NBA history," said Yahoo Sports, adding that he combines volume and efficiency in his game.

Despite his great performance on the court, Curry has reportedly suffered ankle injuries two seasons ago which affected his production. But Yahoo Sports said that coach Steve Kerr was able to manage and monitor his condition and brought back Curry to a healthy state.

The Warriors have been through some tough games recently especially against the Memphis Grizziles and the Minnesota Timberwolves but they still managed to stay on top.

The team now stands as the first in defensive efficiency and second in offensive efficiency, as noted by Yahoo Sports. They are also headed towards the finals game for this season as they have been doing all well in their previous matches.

As for the best player in the team, Curry is the one that comes in mind and his shooting prowess will be anticipated in the upcoming seasons.

But he may have competition in Houston Rockets' James Harden who said that he feels strongly that he is MVP.

"I think the MVP is the most valuable player to your team. Obviously you have to be winning and be one of the top teams in this league and we are. I'm not taking credit away from anybody else in the league. But I've been consistent all year. I've just been doing the right things to put my team in situations to win, considering all of the different circumstances we've had to deal with," he was quoted as saying by Yahoo Sports in a separate article.

Harden reportedly leads the NBA with 27.6 points but Curry will surely not give him an easy competition for the MVP title.

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