Updated 05:42 AM EDT, Thu, Apr 22, 2021

‘It Definitely Hurts’: Tiger Woods Injured at Masters!

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During his 20th Masters tournament last week, Tiger Woods suffered another injury, hurting his right wrist when he hit a tree root.

But this did not seem to stop the 39-year-old Woods, who was able to complete his first tournament of the year and ranked 17th during the competition, ESPN reported.

"It hurts; it definitely hurts. I didn't know there was a tree root there. I drilled the club straight into it. It didn't move, but my body kept moving. There's a little joint that popped out, and I was able to somehow put it back in, which didn't feel very good," Woods told members of the media present at the tournament.

Woods added that he is thankful that he was able to move his hand again after the wrong move. "I'm not going to be lifting any weights for a while," he said.

According to ESPN, Woods wanted to put pressure on Masters winner Jordan Spieth but it noted that he was not able "to convert birdie putts at the second and third holes, bogeyed the fourth and seventh, didn't make his first birdie until the eighth and ran into the issues at the ninth, which lingered for a few more holes."

Despite some lapses in his performance, Woods still believed that his play already improved.

"Considering where I was at Torrey and Phoenix, to make that complete change and the release pattern, I'm pretty proud of what I've done. To make my short game my strength again was pretty sweet. That's something that I've worked my butt off to get to that point," he added, as noted on ESPN.

Woods worked really hard to get to the Masters and for him, his efforts paid off. "This is my first tournament back, being a major championship, and to give myself a chance, it felt good," he added.

New York Post said that Woods has not yet revealed his plans for the next tournament.

"It's not going to be for awhile. I'll go back home, go back the drawing board, refine what I'm doing,'' he said.

With this statement, it can be likely that Woods will not join any event prior to the Players Championship which will happen during the first week of May.

In a similar report on The New York Times, it was discussed that 21-year-old Spieth was able to make an amazing run during the Masters which cannot be compared to anybody in the competition.

This prompted questions from the media asking Woods how he felt about much younger golfers outplaying veteran players like him.

"It's just generations. So the roles are reversed. But it's neat to still be a part of it. That's the thing," Woods explained.

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