Updated 03:36 AM EST, Tue, Nov 30, 2021

NBA MVP Pick: Rockets' James Harden or Warriors' Steph Curry?

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Since reigning MVP Kevin Durant is out of the picture to regain his title because of injuries, fans are now asking who will be this season's MVP. Two names easily come to mind: Houston Rockets' James Harden and Golden State Warriors Steph Curry.

Harden, according to Yahoo Sports, already has his eyes on that prize, noting that he feels strongly that he is the MVP.

"I think the MVP is the most valuable player to your team. Obviously you have to be winning and be one of the top teams in this league and we are. I'm not taking credit away from anybody else in the league. But I've been consistent all year. I've just been doing the right things to put my team in situations to win, considering all of the different circumstances we've had to deal with," he said.

Harden added that his team has been having a great season, hence the assumption. "Look, I understand that people can go either way with it. But for the most valuable player, I think I would have the edge."

Commenting on this MVP claim, Curry said that Harden's statement "might have been a little aggressive," according to the The Guardian.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr believes that Curry's performance in the past games will give him the MVP title.

"There's nothing left to say. Except that he's the MVP," he added.

"He was, he was just -- I don't even know how to describe what I watched tonight. Scintillating. Every move, every shot, just amazing skill. I have never seen a player with this skill set," Kerr said after a recent game of the Warriors, as noted on The Guardian.

Meanwhile, Rockets general manager Daryl Morey said that Harden should be the MVP because "if James Harden weren't on our team, we'd be nowhere."

An SB Nation report said that Harden "absolutely deserves" being the most valuable player because he leads the NBA with 27.6 points and has taken tough opponents along the way.

The same report added that the Rockets were plagued with injuries here and there but Harden's talent and skills reportedly kept them intact.

The original candidates for MVP, according to SB Nation, were six but it was cut down to the two competitors in the final month of the season.

In discussing who should win the top player title this season, Omaha said in its report that it is a "good, old-fashioned head-vs.-heart debate."

Omaha writer Patrick Duprey said Curry is the "likely winner" since his team is too good both in offense and defense but he noted that Harden is still his winner since Houston has lost many players because of injuries but they remain fierce with Harden on the team.

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