Updated 06:45 AM EST, Mon, Nov 29, 2021

Apple iOS 8.3 Download, Features & Fixes: Jailbreak Tool Pending?

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Apple's iOS 8.3 was recently unveiled for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Details about a jailbreak for the latest operating system, however, are still non-existent.

According to Gotta Be Mobile, the iOS 8.3 is equipped with a bunch of new features, "including more emoji that are racially diverse and support for using CarPlay wirelessly, as well as the usual bug fixes and performance improvements."

WCCF Tech has reported that an iOS 8.3 jailbreak is not possible at the moment because of the operating system's "inclusion of 39 security bugs." The TaiG dev team also didn't provide updates for the latest jailbreak version, Gotta Be Mobile wrote. The newest development from the team was that of an iOS 8.2 jailbreak tool, which the team describes as "constrained by many factors."

The TaiG jailbreak team only has a jailbreak available for iOS 8.2 beta 1 and 2, Gotta Be Mobile noted, but "there have been newer betas since then and Apple has closed access to the first and second betas for iOS 8.2." The Cupertino-based company hasn't fixed up those issues, which means that iOS 8.2 is technically still jailbreakable, as well as iOS 8.3.

iPhone Hacks reported that Apple has patched up some of the security flaws present in its latest operating system, but the TaiG jailbreak team discovered defects particularly in the backup system. According to the news outlet, an attacker could "use the backup system to access restricted areas of the file system." The issue in the iOS 8.3 was said to exist "in the relative path evaluation logic of the backup system." An improved path evaluation is the solution for this.

MuscleNerd has tweeted that Apple's latest OS update "rivals the 7.x->8.0 release" in terms of sheer volume. While iOS 8 was easily jailbreakable, the iOS 8.3 was not, so it's advisable that users stay away from the new OS for the time being.

iOS 8.3's Features

Aside from the updated emoji keyboard, the iOS 8.3's's changelog also features Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Safari fixes, as well as an improved app launching, Messages, and Control Center, Slash Gear reported.

The iCloud Photo gallery and call volume adjustments were also improved, Slash Gear noted. Auto-correction, as well as the rotation issue "where the screen orientation was upside-down when you pulled the iPhone 6 Plus from your pocket," was also addressed by Apple, the news outlet added.

A small Passbook patch-up, where Apple Pay and Passes get separated, was also fixed along with its stock keyboard. Third-party keyboard support wasn't forgotten either, Slash Gear wrote.

For the complete security content of iOS 8.3, refer here.

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