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'Madden NFL 16' Release Date & Gameplay Rumors: Who's Best on the Cover? [Poll]

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Though still unconfirmed, the release date of "Madden NFL 16" is rumored to be August 2015 and because the date is nearing, fans and gamers are wondering who will be on the cover of the upcoming release.

Madden16Game said that despite the huge success of "Madden NFL 15", many people are still awaiting improvements that will be incorporated to the game. "Defense and complete enhanced play action will undoubtedly be the highlighting feature of Madden 16," the same report added.

A separate Madden16Game article added that the public is expecting a "more interesting and more exciting" game, noting that it will have realistic features that "one can feel himself playing on the ground. EA Sports is one of the leading sports, entertainment brands in the world which develop top-selling video games."

As for the cover, the same report noted that the vote for it will start early May. So who are the top 5 players who could be on the cover of the new "Madden NFL" game installment? Here are some of our picks:

1. Odell Beckham Jr. - Sporting News said that the Offensive Rookie of the Year is a "spectacular catch." He was even recognized by "Madden NFL 15" by increasing his rating from 85 to 99.

"Despite missing the first month of the season, Beckham Jr. finished with 91 catches and 12 touchdowns," Sporting News added in its report.

He is said to be one of the young players in the league whose career is already on the rise, which makes him a top candidate for the "Madden NFL 16"cover.

2. JJ Watt - He is considered to be the "most dominant player in the league" as he was named the league's MVP and unanimously Defensive Player of the Year, according to Sporting News.

A Madden cover would be an added recognition to his achievements. "Watt finished the season as one of three 99 rated players in Madden NFL," Sporting News added.

3. DeMarco Murray - The player, who will reportedly seek free agency soon, is one of the top candidates for the cover of "Madden NFL 16." Sporting News said he was able to take home the rushing title by over 500 yards.

"A Cowboy has never truly been on the cover and he would become the best opportunity to have one take the spotlight," noted Sporting News.

4. Tony Romo - In his Madden 15 profile, Romo ranks seventh as a quarterback, which places him in the top 10 percent of all the quarterbacks in the game.

"With great Passing skills and a higher than average Acceleration (78), Agility (76), and Speed (73) among QBs, Tony Romo is a dual threat," his profile further reads.

5. Cam Newton - He became a runner-up twice for the cover in Madden 13 and 15. Despite losing the chance to appear on the game's cover, Sporting News said that he remains an EA Sports favorite so there is sitll a high chance that he will land a spot on the cover.

Who is your choice to be on the cover of "Madden NFL 16?" Vote below!

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