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Aaron Hernandez Trial Update: Did Ex-Patriots Star Lie to Robert Kraft?

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During his appearance in court for the murder trial of his former tight end Aaron Hernandez, New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft said that the NFL player looked him in the eye and told him he was innocent.

The big question is, did Hernandez really tell Kraft the truth about the night when Odin Lloyd was murdered?

The Patriots owner and Hernandez, according to CNN, met two days after Lloyd's murder and Kraft said they had a private conversation at the Gillette Stadium.

"He said he was not involved. He said he was innocent," Kraft was quoted by CNN as saying in his testimony.

Hernandez is being tried for the June 2013 murder of Lloyd in an area in Massachusetts which is near the NFL player's residence.

Kraft added that he asked his tight end to look him in the eye and reveal if he had something to do with Lloyd's death.

But according to the CNN report, Hernandez told Kraft thet he hoped the time of the murder will be revealed since he noted that he was clubbing during that time.

This was clearly opposite to what Hernandez's fiancee, Shayanna Jenkins, revealed when she was called to the witness stand. Jenkins said Hernandez did not go to a club that night but spent his time with her and some friends prior to the shooting.

A CNN analyst, Mel Robbins, said in the same report that the testimony of the Patriots' owner was "explosive."

"What a great, great witness for the prosecution. Basically what happened is Aaron Hernandez lied to his boss. And the only way you rebut it is if you put him on the stand," Robbins said.

"How did Hernandez know when the murder happened, Robbins asked, unless he was there?" was the question posed by CNN to the testimony made by Kraft.

Discussing the revelations of Patriots owner, Yahoo Sports said Hernandez clearly lied to the head of the team especially with his clubbing story.

Asked why he had to inquire about Hernandez's innocence, Kraft said he just wanted to know the truth from the player so that he could offer him help in case he needed it. He also noted that he heard about the allegations through the media which discussed Hernandez's possible involvement on the murder.

"I understood there was an incident that transpired and I wanted to know if he was involved, and if he was, any player who comes into our system I consider part of our extended family and I want to get them help," Kraft explained.

Yahoo Sports said their conversation was not surprising since it noted that the two "had a fairly close relationship, traditionally greeting each other with a hug and kiss."

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