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'Frozen 2' Movie Trailer, Release Date & Plot Rumors: Should Anna Get Her Own Powers? [Poll]

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Disney has confirmed "Frozen 2" earlier this month, uniting all Arendelle fans in jubilation. While the sequel's release date remains speculated, the news has been enough to address earlier rumors, partly started by Idina Menzel when she said it's "in the works."

John Lasseter, chief creative officer of Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios, said in a statement, "We enjoyed making 'Frozen Fever' so much and being back in that world with those characters."

According to IGN, directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck, together with producer Peter Del Vecho, are all developing the project. The same people are responsible behind the original film.

"Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck have come up with a great idea for a sequel and you will be hearing a lot more about it and we're taking you back to Arendelle. We are so excited about that," Lasseter added.

As previously reported, "Frozen 2" is expected to arrive in 2018, with its main cast confirmed to reprise their roles. 2018 may be a long wait to endure, but fans are assured that it's all for the good.

Disney CEO Robert Iger had to say, "We're not demanding speed, we're demanding excellence."

At this point, theories aimed at the sequel's plot have been rampant: Elsa has been paired to Jack Frost; Elsa and Anna's parents could return (in spirit) to visit; a new female villain takes Hans' place and finally, Elsa gets total control over her icy abilities.

In case you haven't heard, among these interesting twists is the idea of Anna getting her own powers. For one, this sounds like a fair deal, but because we're talking about "Frozen," Elsa's town-freezing skills will always come first in mind.

That being said, does Anna really need to possess magical skills? And if that would make sense, what type of power is going to suit her?

In an earlier Reddit thread, a user provided insight, "When Anna is hit by Elsa's ice blast and is taken to the troll, the head troll says he must 'remove all magic, even the memory of it.' Given that memories would be all she'd logically have of Elsa's ice powers, this lends the possibility that Anna has magic of her own."

The user thought of Anna's power complementing Elsa's. While her older sister is "autumn and winter," Anna would be "spring and summer."

Another theory tells that Anna may be in possession of a strange physical power, as evidenced by several encounters in the 2013 movie.

While it's interesting to think of endless powers Anna could hold, Disney will have the final say.

What do you think of Anna sporting her own magic? Share your thoughts in the comments section, or cast your votes in the poll below. An unofficial trailer follows.

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