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‘FIFA 16’ Release Date, Gameplay & Features: High-Rated Players Tested Before Purchase? [Rumors]

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"FIFA 16" has been much anticipated by gamers as they expect new features that will improve their gaming experience.

Based on its official trailer, "FIFA 16" will be available for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC running on the EA Sports IGNITE engine on Sept. 23 in North America, Sept. 25 in Europe, and Sept. 26 in the United Kingdom. It will also be available on Xbox 360 and PS3.

According to VC Post, EA is continuously striving to create improvements on the game "including variations of card in the player search, removal of healing cards and player free trial."

Discussing the tips and tricks for this next installment, VC Post said EA might want to consider the elimination of healing cards because "it is too much of a waste when a player is injured." With this feature, injured elite players can still participate int the game.

The same report said that a "Try Before You Buy" feature can also be added for players to try out an elite player for free prior to purchasing. This will allow gamers to see how well these players perform. 

"This will help players to save up their hard-earned coins," VC Post noted.

WhatCulture added that if star players like Luis Suarez turn out to be "a bit rubbish", gamers end up selling them though oftentimes it is "at a loss." With the "Try Before You Buy" feature, EA could "restrict" the option to allow only one trial player per match.

It was also suggested by VC Post to include "past player statistics" in the upcoming release of the game for players to be able to examine their loss and compare goals, assists, clean sheets and pass completion.

To give incentive to players, WhatCulture said it would also be nice if the game would offer one free pack of cards per week since it could also be costly for players to buy FIFA points.

"The cards would have to be untradeable to stop the market from being flooded with coins but how cool would it be if your free pack won you the likes of Eden Hazard?" added WhatCulture.

Meanwhile, VC Post noted that the game could use a special card to be used for "position changes" to allow players to tweak their defense attacks impulse.

Fully customizable tactics, according to WhatCulture, could also create a great change on the game since the current offering only allows players to change their style in playing but it does not allow one to save the settings for the next round.

Gamers will surely anticipate this coming September the incorporation of these possible features into the upcoming release of the game as these would truly make gameplay experience better.

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