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Ricky Martin New Song 2015: ‘Disparo al Corazón’ Features Same-Sex Marriage [Watch]

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The music video for Ricky Martin's new track titled "Disparo El Corazon" ["Shot to the Heart"] gives a nod to same-sex relationships.

The clip for "Disparo El Corazon," which is the second single of Martin's Spanish-language album "A Quien Quiera Escucha" ["To Whomever Wants to Listen"], showcases "reflections of same-sex couples on their wedding day, blended with Martin's own reflection in the mirror as he sings about a love affair that went sour," Advocate described.

The 43-year-old singer was dressed in a simple black t-shirt in the music video as he sings, "Here goes my confession. Before you, I was no saint. I have sinned, but that is in the past now. Meeting you was like a shot to the heart."

In a statement which Latin Times cited, Martin explained that the song was made with "with absolute openness, sensitivity and honesty." He collaborated with Pedro Capó, Yoel Henríquez, and Rafael Esparza Ruíz to write and compose the track.

Watch the Puerto Rican artist's new music video below.

On recording 'A Quien Quiera Escuchar'

"Hectic." That was how Martin described his experience while recording songs for his new album, according to Billboard.

"We recorded on four different continents. The moment we'd finish a song, we'd run into the studio because there simply wasn't a chunk of time available," he told Billboard's Leila Cobo.

When asked why his new songs center on the romantic ballad genre with an uptempo beat, Martin shared, "I'm looking for the songs that are who I am. I've always spoken about specific topics on other albums -- like human rights. But love and loss are themes everyone relates to."

The album's carrier single, "Adios," the first one to be released in public "brings a Latin beat to a tune inspired by 1930s burlesque," AFP noted.

iTunes described the album as having "pure class, filled with smoldering ballads, intimate production, and openhearted sincerity." It added that "A Quien Quiera Escuchar" "is all about graceful, organic arrangements and Martin's arresting sincerity. Acoustic guitars, swaying percussion, and jazz trumpet add glowing atmosphere to ballads like 'Disparo al Corazón,' 'Nada,' and 'Mátame Otra Vez.' Thanks to Martin's poised confidence, the pop star comes across more captivating than ever."

Check out the album's Deluxe Edition here.

Just recently, Martin hinted of a possible collaboration with Colombian singer Juanes, Fox News Latino reported. The musician is also reportedly working on "La Banda" alongside Simon Cowell. The talent search could discover the next boy group to follow the steps of One Direction and is set to premiere in September 2015, USA Today wrote.

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